6 gift ideas for new home owners

6 gift ideas for new home owners

If you’re stuck for gifts for new home owner’s, take a look at our 6 cool housewarming gift ideas, perfect for any new home owner! Whether you know someone who’s just taken the leap and bought their first home, or your children have flown the nest and moved into their first grown up flat / student digs, we’ve got the perfect housewarming gift ideas for you to christen their new home with. From kitchen accessories to home gadgets to world map posters, and even the obligatory potted plant, we’ve got housewarming gifts to suit all tastes.

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe – Perfect for living rooms and hallways
If you’re looking for gift ideas for new home owners, here’s one that’s so good it’s almost worth moving house for. Our most luxurious and detailed Scratch Map, the Deluxe is a stunning map of the world framed and ready for them to hang in their lounge or study. Printed in beautiful gold foil and matte black, they can use to display all the countries they’ve visited or to inspire future trips.

Milk Light – Ambient light perfect for the bedroom
A quirky and unusual  gift; this stylish rechargeable lamp is designed to look like a retro milk bottle, making it a cool gift for any new home.

Mapnetic – Magnetic map of the world for the fridge
Start off their fridge magnet collection with this dry wipe magnetic map of the world that allows them to document their travels around the world, as well as scribble notes and messages with the dry wipe pen included.

Nessie Family Gift Set – Ladle set for the kitchen
These make great housewarming gifts for students; the Nessie Ladle, Mama Nessie colander and Baby Nessie tea infuser will stop them raiding your kitchen for cooking utensils they can steal!

Rocket Planter – Perfect for the living room
We told you there’d be a potted plant! If you want to take the traditional route of giving a houseplant as a gift, then jazz it up a bit with our fun ceramic rocket shaped plant pot. To give the full crashed rockets effect, pair it with some flame-like plants such as snake plant, aloe or house leek.

Classic Corkers – Dinner party gift
If you don’t know the person that well but you’ve been invited to the housewarming party, why not take a bottle to toast their new home with, together with some of our Classic Corkers for them to make their own little cork figures out of the leftover corks?