8 Perfect Housewarming Gifts for Couples

8 Perfect Housewarming Gifts for Couples

When looking for housewarming fits, inspiration can be hard to find. When looking for a housewarming gift for couples, the process can be complicated further.

Although the high street is not able to cater to every requirement, there are online platforms that can.

GiftLab understands how difficult it can be looking for gifts, especially housewarming gifts for couples.

As such, it ensures that there is always a plentiful supply of gifts that are perfect for any occasion.

Buying housewarming gift is easy on GiftLab, and the following is just an example of some the fun and inspired gifts available on the GiftLab platform.

Coffee Lab

Everyone loves a cup of coffee in the morning, but the expense of a coffee shop can soon mount up. Fear not, as the Coffee Lab can offer a superb way of creating coffee, while still being able to save money in the process.

The Coffee Lab is fashioned on a science beaker and comes with all the formulas a couple needs for the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, regardless of whether it’s a Cappuccino or Flat White.

My Time

There will always be a need to keep track of what’s going on in a home, especially in a new home.

The My Time memo board is perfect for keeping notes, receipt, tickets and anything of relevance that needs to be remembered.

The My Time memo board can be styled to your liking as it is manufactured using chalk paper.

There is also coloured chalk, pins and tape include that allowed for a bespoke memo board that can be used anywhere around the home.

Memory Box

Although a new home is perfect for a new start, over time memories will be created. As such, the gift of a Memory Box can be the perfect gift for couples making a fresh start.

The Memory Box is made from wood, and contain an A6 plain notebook, a square tin, brown envelope and a screw cap jar.

Whether the couple will be keeping tickets subs or flattened coins, the Memory Box can store all items that can be enjoyed in years to come.

Milk Light

As well as appliances and plants, there can be other avenues to explore when looking for the perfect housewarming gift.  

The Milk Light is a take on the retro milk bottle design of yesteryear that offers six hours of light on a full charge,

Made from polycarbonate and cork, the Milk Light can be used in any room and is the perfect addition to any new home.

Ginger Cat Screen Hook

A new home means new rooms, which also means plenty of rooms to lose our keys in. Fear not, as there’s a housewarming gift available that’s not only practical but also affordable.

Resembling a ginger tomcat, the Ginger Cat Screen Hook is made from ABS and can be used on all sorts of monitors and televisions ensuring missing keys never have to result in a fruitless and stressful search.

Simply hang your keys on the cat’s tail and you’ll always have peace-of-mind that house and car keys are close to hand.

Biskviti Tea infuser

There’s nothing better than waking up to a nice cup of tea in a new home. However, a box of tea bags may not be enough for some, especially those looking for a healthier approach in the morning.

The Biskviti Tea Infuser is the perfect housewarming gift for a couple that wants an easy but fun way of preparing tea in the morning.

Made from silicone and stainless steel, the Biskviti Tea infuser is based on biscuit design, which allows for tea leaves to circulate easily without bitter leaves being left in the cup.

Zip Eat Jar Opener

The last thing a couple wants to be doing when enjoying the new home is messing around with lids that are too tight. Although most lids can be opened in the end, it normally incurs some form of injury in the process.

The Zip Eat Jar Opener is the perfect housewarming gift for taking the hassle out of opening jars and is something that can be used again and again.

What’s more, it’s a gift that’s completely original so can’t help but make the right impression.

Regardless of who is better at opening jars, the Zip Eat Jar Opener ensures that the problem never arises again.

June Spoon

The kitchen can be one of the main hotspots of a home, and it’s not long before a series of spoons can go missing.

Whether you’re looking for a specific spoon for cereal or want to ensure that only one spoon is being used for the sugar, it can be a little overwhelming keeping order in the kitchen sometimes.

Fortunately, the June Spoon is designed with such instances in mind and is the perfect gifts that are both simple and inspired at the same time.

Available in red and white, the June Spoon is made from silicone and stretches to fit any size of the spoon.

The June Spoon eliminates the problem of lost spoons and ensuring that baking endeavours aren’t hindered by misjudged pouring.

These are just an example of some of the gifts that make for perfect housewarming gifts for couples. If you’re looking for an original gift for a housewarming, or simply looking for some inspiration for your next gift, then why not brose what GiftLab has to offer today.