A New Take on Traditional Housewarming Gifts

A New Take on Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Trying to find the perfect housewarming gift can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that there are no options available to those looking for something a little different.

GiftLab understands the difficulty in relation to finding the perfect housewarming gift, which is why it ensures that there is always a varied choice available in relation to gifts, an example of which is as follows.

Apple Shot Corer

The concept of an apple corer may not seem like an appealing fit in the first instance, but then we’re not talking about any old apple corer here.

The Apple Shot Corer emulates an arrow stuck in an apple, which makes it the ideal gift for those that can’t enough of the legend of William Tell.

However, it’s not only keen archers that can get benefits for the Apple Short Corer, as it’s a practical apple corer that can be used for baking, or just enjoying you favourite fruit without the pips.

Peel Appeal

When it comes to a fresh burst of vitamin c, an orange can be the perfect choice. However, there can be instances when trying to peel an orange becomes more time-consuming that it should be.

Fear not, as the Peel Appeal can make light work of oranges with very little effort. Simply place the leaf design into the orange and twist and voila, a perfectly peel orange.

Daily Grind

We all know someone that is a fan of coffee, but often, they will have everything coffee related they need, at least until now.

Although there are a lot of appliances available in relation to hot-brewed coffee, the creation of cold coffee is a different concept altogether.

Fortunately, GiftLab can offer the perfect solution in the form o the Daily Grind. The set includes a Mason jar as well as stainless steel filter can be used again and again.

Don’t worry if this is your first time making cold-brewed coffee as the Daily Grind comes complete with instructions that will have coffer lovers enjoying cold beverages in no time.

Food Factory Condiment Set

Condiments are a necessity to any meal, but let’s be honest, some of the condiment sets available do little to inspire the imagination, and those that do normally cost a small fortune.

Once again GiftLab comes to the rescue with the original take on the conformed condiment set design.

The food factory is designed to hold all your favourite spices, while taking on the form of a bona-fide factory when not in use, making it the ideal housewarming gift.

Fruitful Banana Shopping Bag

Given the rising cost of shopping bags, it stands to reasons that many will want to ensure that they’ve a got a shopping bag that can be used. However, some of the choice available at supermarkets is limited.

Fear not, as the Fruitful Banana Shopping Bag is the perfect solution. Not only is it made from water resistant polyester and can be easily stored when not in use.

As well as offering an original take on the shopping bag design, the Fruitful Banana Shopping Bag is easy to put into your pocket when not in use.

Rocket Planter

Flowers are normally a popular gift for housewarming, but there are those who may want to put their own stamp on the gift of flowers.

The Rocket Planter is a planter unlike any other. Rather than bearing a conventional design, the Rocket Planter takes on the form of a rocket that’s crash landed into the environment.

Made form premium ceramic, the Rocket Planter offers a different spin for displaying plants around the home.

Eric the Memo Elephant

Despite all the expensive technology available, there will still be those looking for a easy way to keep notes around the home.

Memo boards are practical, but GiftLab offers a different take on the conformed design thanks to Eric the Memo Elephant.

Acting as a centrepiece around the home when not in use, Eric can be used to store memos throughout the day and can be wiped clean include using the included cloth.

Oil & Co Pourer

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a gift for fans of barbecues, or someone that enjoys pastas and salads, the Oil & Co Pourer set can be the perfect housewarming gift.

Manufactured using 100% Food Grade tin line steel and can hold up to 400ml of oil.

Not only does the Oil & Co pourer offer an abundance of practicality, but their industrial design means they look great in any kitchen.