Adventure Journal: #236 Pig Island – Big Major Cay, Bahamas

Adventure Journal: #236 Pig Island – Big Major Cay, Bahamas

Swum with sharks? Tick. Swum with Dolphins? Tick. Swum with pigs? What?! When it feels like you’ve done everything under the sun and dived with every giant fish under the sea, your next epic adventure should definitely be left in the brave hands of Luckies Adventure Journal, a wild travel bucket list with over 300 experiences around the world. In at #236 is Pig Island – Big Major Cay in the Bahamas where pigs really do fly (and by fly we totally mean swim).

Located in Exuma, West Bahamas, is the country’s most exciting secret, Pig Island – the official home of the swimming pigs. Unknown as to how these farm-yard friends originally came to live on Big Major Cay, every year thousands of tourists trot to these idyllic shores to fulfil one of the most unusual bucket list items our Adventure Journal has to offer. On this beach, nothing is a boar as you snorkel with Peppa Pig and her friends, take ample piggy selfies and relax with the Bahama’s finest selection of pork pies (that last bit was a joke, do not worry). If you’d rather leave the swimming to the pig pros then why not board one of the multiple yachts and vessels which feed our porky pals twice a day and enjoy this beautiful beach without getting your trotters wet?

If pigs don’t fully float your boat but you want to stick to the pork theme, why not visit Nassau Paradise Island, an island in the Bahamas formerly known as Hog Island. This is the ultimate land of the luxury and holiday destination with festivals of culture, relaxing spas, bountiful boutiques, savvy cruises and snorkelling (with fish this time).

If the sunbathing gets too much then head to Villa Doyle where you’ll find The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, the most important art institution in the Bahamas, plus great activity to impress the parents. Sticking with culture, head to Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Downtown Nassau to find the major historic landmark of The Queen’s Staircase, the 66 stairs famously carved from solid limestone rock and later named in honour of everyone’s favourite power woman, Queen Victoria.


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