Adventure Journal: #53 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Adventure Journal: #53 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Already spent your gap year painted like a neon butterfly at Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party? Or maybe you’ve already done the whole trekking around South America to discover yourself, thang? If you’re getting stuck on ideas for your next epic adventure then you’re definitely a case for Adventure Journal, Luckies jam-packed travel bucket list with over 300 experiences around the world for you to uncover. Adventure #53 is the booming Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa’s highest mountain and ideal for those that wake up and fancy a bit of a life changing challenge. 

Located at the heart of Mt Kilimanjaro’s National Park, North Tanzania, is the main attraction of Mount Kilimanjaro. Standing 5,896 meters tall, this beast of a beauty is one of the highest dormant volcanoes in the world and the meanest, taking around 6 lives a year. Don’t let its tough reputation put you off though, around 25,000 keen trekkers hike up this bad boy every year and with our Adventure Journal top tips, you could make it 25,001 as you embark on the climb to Uhuru Peak, the top of Africa.

With it now compulsory to climb Kilimanjaro through an agency (you’ll be thankful when you’ve got a friendly porter helping you with your tent!) it’s no easy undertaking with the climb generally taking 6-8 days…and that’s for those that are in top-notch health (maybe step away from the porkpies and puddings well in advance of the set off date). However with the majority of routes like Umbwe or Marangu route the good news is that you don’t require specialist equipment like ropes or climbing experience, just sturdy footwear and bags of ambition.

Though Kilimanjaro isn’t famous for its wildlife, it is noted for the forever changing landscapes from cultivated farmland on the lower levels through to rainforests and the barren landscape of Kibo and Mawenzi, additional tough volcanoes. When it comes to grub, what’s on the menu is hearty, healthy wholesome food, provided through your agency, and as for the toilet facilities, let’s…urm, just agree that you’ll definitely be at one with nature…

If the thought of the trek scares the bejeezus out of you, or if you simply fancy exploring the rest of Tanzania, day trips are available leaving you time to adventure out to Ruaha National Park, Lake Victoria and Mafia Island where you’ll find safaris, scuba diving and fishing. For those that do complete the climb, on their final day of this awesome adventure you’ll find them sipping iced tea on the sandy white beaches of Pemba Island. And who’s to blame them! What have you done today to make you feel proud? CLIMBED A MOUTAIN, IS WHAT!