Anniversary Gifts

Long since gone are the days when the only anniversary you had to worry about was a wedding anniversary. Now it’s “She’s been working here 10 years, we need to get her a gift!”, or “they’ve been living together for 26 months, we must get them a gift!”, or “Facebook memories says the dog tried to eat the lamp 2 years ago, a gift!” We know it’s hard trying to keep tracking of all the anniversaries you need to buy for (and deciding which ones really are worthy of a gift), but hopefully no matter what the occasion, you’ll be able to find the perfect anniversary gift here.

It can be quite a struggle to strike the right balance when you’re purchasing an anniversary gift. Is it for him? A gift for her? Is it your anniversary? Or theirs? Is it even a wedding anniversary gift? Maybe it’s a work anniversary, a buying a house. It can be difficult to know exactly what sort of gift is appropriate. At Luckies, we have tech, kitchen gadgets, and home gifts suitable for all occasions. We have Scratch Maps ripe for personalising, Corkboard Maps for tracking treasured memories, kitchen gifts for a homeowner anniversary. You name it, we’ve got it, so no need to embarrass yourself whatever sort of anniversary party you’ve been invited to.

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