A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Unusual Gifts for Men: The Tech Loving James Bond Enthusiast

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Unusual Gifts for Men: The Tech Loving James Bond Enthusiast

We know how difficult it can be to get the right gift for the guys in your life, no matter how well you know them. With that in mind GiftLab are here to offer a helping hand, so you can avoid giving yet another pair of Socks or bottle of whiskey.. Whether it’s your Dad, Brother, Boyfriend or Best Friend we’ve got it covered, you just need to work out which character fits them best.

Keep a covert presence with these spy themed gifts.

We reckon that all guys secretly wish, just a smidge, that they could be James Bond. As well as getting to visit all the best locations, he also is equipped with all the latest gadgetry. We can’t offer a license to kill, nor do we know anyone at MI6, but we do have some stylish products up our sleeve that any aspiring secret agent will want. In-Car-Nito is a sly way to stash Gadgets and goodies. It looks like a standard book on the outside, yet when it opens, it is actually a neat storage box. Team this with with the Undercover series – which disguise Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones as nothing more exciting than a jiffy bag, he’ll be all set to operate off of the radar!

Spies are the original jet-setters – these Gifts will help make sure any mission is a success.

Now, even super spies like to keep track of countries that they have visited. We bet that if you looked on Bond’s bedside table, you would find a Scratch Globe. Inspired by our popular Scratch Maps, this 3D globe the perfect gift for Him to keep track of all the countries that he’s infiltrated. To accompany the country hopping lifestyle, Currency Money Bank is a great gift idea. The money bank has six compartments to keep leftover change from different currencies safe and well organised. Meaning he won’t mix up his dollars with his Euros, or his Yen with his Dirham ever again. Alternatively, use Currency Money Bank to keep different coins of the same currency separate, ideal for when you just need to grab a few pound before heading out. Because sometimes, even super spies need to quickly pop to the shops for more milk.

All boys love Gadgets, especially wannabe double agents so he’s bound to love turning his smartphone into a mini cinema.

When gallivanting all over the globe trying to disrupt evil master plans, even professional agents need a way to relax and wind down after a hard day. Smartphone Projector makes the ideal gift for anyone who likes putting their smart phone to good use. Whether it’s screening catch up TV, watching You Tube videos or making a slide show of images on the wall, it’s the best way to unwind after a hard day catching criminals, or just a regular day at the office….


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