Best Gadgets Under £10

Best Gadgets Under £10

For the best Gadgets, tech Gadgets, travel Gadgets and useful Gadgets, don’t get giddy with stress, ” has he got one ” or “where can I find a unique and personal gift he will use and enjoy” Relax because these latest Gadgets for Men 2017 will of answered your questions.

The Adventure Wristband
The Adventure Wristband is a cool tech gadget in the latest trend design, slap on wristband and USB with 8 GB. You don’t need to loose your memory stick out the side of your pockets, wear this rugged brown wristband suitable for outdoor adventures in all weathers but stylish enough to wear to the office. Holds up to 1000 photos and is presented in a round tin with logo in green and gold trim.

Magni- Viewer
For them boring journeys, the well travelled Gadget lover, can watch movies on the go at twice the original size from his phone. Take the strain off your eyes, and enjoy content on a bigger screen. Sharing pictures with friends and now you don’t get your personal space invaded, and very nice for a bit of peace and quiet in the bath, for a spot of sneaky football highlights. Presented in black with a silver trim central badge logo exposed through the silver box for a good looking gift. One of a brand new range of tech Gadgets to use with a Smartphone. Click here to view Magin-Viewer in detail.

The Barbecue Stamp
He is a dab hand in the Kitchen and he insists on being in control of the BBQ, that way someone else pours the drinks, including his ! A fun gadget for Him to perfect his steaks, just how you like them, serving them to you Black & Blue, Nearly Burn’t or just A little bit of Blood. Let him put his stamp on your steak and show you how it’s done with this beautifully designed steak stamp, branding iron made with a hardwood handle with leather hanging strap. Quality boxed Gadget in matte black and gold finish.


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