Birthday Gifts for Men Who are Hard to Buy for

Birthday Gifts for Men Who are Hard to Buy for

It is a human condition to think that all people think the same as we do . But on reading, ” Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus”, then an understanding emerges that not only do men and women think differently but each one of us is unique and assumption is responsible for a whole lot of misfortune. So yes it is hard but let us not try to change the differences, let us embrace them with these original Birthday Gift Ideas for Men who are hard

Stamp Map
The Birthday Boy is Hard to buy for because he appears to have everything and is well travelled so the scratch-map seems a little like the horse has bolted. But wait a minute, the Stamp Map will record his personalised travel in this luxury craft and copper board in poster size to impress visitors. Mount it and frame it and be proud you made it hard to please, but boy was it worth it ! Comes with two brass stamps with black and red ink pads to mark where you have visited and a space to write and record places.

Adventure Journal
The Birthday Boy is hard to buy for because he is quiet. He does things and no one notices. But he doesn’t like the limelight. So this adventure journal will be his personalised companion that will not show him up or let him down. Presented in a matte black folder this classy journal will inspire him to try new things with over 300 bucket list Ideas and then record his own experience without the fuss. A personal gift for the hard to crack but this one is private self indulgence with 8 mini Scratch Maps and room to keep travel documents safe.

You Complete Me Birthday
We have all been there or know people who think ” oh he’s so difficult, I won’t bother ” . But really we love giving more than receiving so if you love him, stop buying him stuff he’s already got and go for a statement to show you care anyway. This wooden jigsaw birthday cake and candle shaped sculpture comes in a gold or silver soft touch presentation box. It will not be that hard for Him to build the 3 D sculpture and it will not be hard for Him to realise that someone has made the effort. A great memorable piece making a change from conventional card for the man that’s hard. Write a special message on the reverse.


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