Birthday present ideas for her

Birthday present ideas for her

Birthdays. You think you’ve got it all under control. Everyone on the calendar, the spreadsheet, in the phone reminders. But there’s always one. And she’s the one that invites you to her birthday party. You don’t want to be the person that turns up empty handed, but don’t worry if you need some birthday gift ideas; Luckies to the rescue!

Ice Cream Socks
You can’t go wrong with Socks, and especially not when they’re designed to look like ice cream. EVERYONE likes ice cream. Whether it’s mint choc chip, or the classic vanilla with sprinkles, that’s a call you’ll have to make by yourself.

Message Rolling Pin Gift Box
If it’s a wannabe Nigella you’ve got on your hands, then it’s a cool Kitchen gift you’ll need. Our Message Rolling Pin comes with 3 different sleeves, which mean she can roll 3 different messages into her pastries, pies, and biscuits. Maybe she’ll even make you some to say thank you.

Maybe she’s into travel. Maybe she’s into arts and crafts. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, it’s both! The Colorlogue is a travel themed colouring book, with countries and maps for colouring, plus pages featuring famous landmarks. There’s facts tool, because whichever birthday she’s celebrating, you’re never too old for some general knowledge.


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