Birthday Presents For Men Who Have Everything

Birthday Presents For Men Who Have Everything

Not all men are good at D I Y and if they haven’t got a cordless drill, they ” know a man that can ”  but must confess I haven’t met a man who wasn’t amazing in the kitchen. If they write with their right hand but bat with their left hand, the drainer could be an issue when washing the pots. But boy can they time things to the millisecond. Have you really observed the multi task tidy precision and all done on the Smartphone these days.

Listen to the football, toss the roast potatoes, watch Top Gear on catch up, rest the meat and see all final scores whilst dishing up a perfect dinner. So these Birthday Presents for Men who have everything,  are for Men who do everything, and especially in the kitchen. Well done guys !!

Love sports and a chance to impress his mates round for a beer and ended up staying for breakfast choose these ball moulds
Sports huevos
Once the eggs are boiled, peel off the shell and put into the mould whilst still hot. Once cooled the ball pattern will be on the eggs, in golf, tennis and football style. A fun gift to toss into salads.
Nutwork Nutcracker
Loves his tools but can’t do it, he will feel better with this present. The vice shape nutcracker. The heavy duty G Clamp nutcracker goes straight to the kernel every time for a clean nut with no waste.

O K so let him keep trying with this handy fun present D I Y could get easier and give him confidence.
Finger Saver Nail Holder
Designed by Monkey Business this little man figure to grip made of wood and plastic. Holds the nail in place at the designed gap where the nose would go on his face making it easy to be accurate and to avoid hitting your fingers.


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