Brighten up your desk with some novelty post it notes

Brighten up your desk with some novelty post it notes

It doesn’t matter how small or large your desk is, all the notes and paper letters, all look the same in piles, so much time wasted searching for that important document, lost in chaos. Everything on your desk looks black or white so really dull and confusing. All great board rooms use the post it notes because they work. Brighten up your desk and organize your filing with these colorful and novelty post it notes.

Rainbow notes

The 5 colored sticky memos shaped round like a rainbow are the perfect highlighter for folders, indexing files and for leaving messages. Pull off, write down reminders and stick them where you need to so you will not forget and be able prioritize your workload, with cheerful stationery tasks get done quicker.

Morris Memo Holder

You can be sure to find note paper when you need it when Morris is looking out on the desk, all neat and tidy in this dog shaped memo holder. Made from durable acrylic and a metal clip mouth to put your messages into or he will even hold your pencil so you know where to find it. A cute novelty memo holder in a choice of black, white or red to brighten up your desk and be loyally waiting to assist your busy schedule.

Bianca Hippo Memo Holder

The black shiny hippo shaped memo holder will make a smart statement upon your desk and give you easy access for note making in an instance. Includes a stack of paper that is stored on her back and replacement supplies can also be ordered to keep everything running smooth and brighten up your work space at the same time. Write out notes and clip into Bianca mouth as a handy reminder or to leave messages for others.

Lighten up the office mood, and brighten up your desk with functional fun memo notes.