Brighten Up Your Office with Must Have Fun Stationery

Brighten Up Your Office with Must Have Fun Stationery

Being at work can be tedious when in a routine. Like we eat with our eyes, we can also create that visual vibe to elevate that same old day into a feel good vibe simply by surrounding ourselves with nice things. If you work in an Office, then why not brighten up your surroundings, smile through the day with these cheerful must have fun Stationery items that will turn your work into pleasure.

Wild Tape
When you are tasked at those ledgers and quotes you can really be enjoying that safari you have been promising yourself. brighten up your desk with the wild and wonderful plywood shaped tape holders. Dot your desk with giraffe, zebra and leopard print tape on the animal shaped holders for a personal touch statement that says ” yes I am working but with the help of my animal friends, I am happy in my surroundings “. Funky, fun and functional stationery for the wild at heart that bring a smile to work.

Rainbow Notes
Prepare files and make notes with the colorful rainbow sticky notes. No need for numbers and loads of files. just choose a color of the rainbow and use to organize your work load. Highlight your file and customize your clients with a color to save time and brighten up your office. 250 sticky notes and 5 colors to arrange your working week and shine a light on items pending. Somewhere over the rainbow is a job well done and a well earned rest.

Matchstick pencils
Forever loosing your pencils, all over the desk or among the paper work lost until spring clean. The matchstick pencils are cute and safe in there own vintage box. The 10 wooden pencils are styled into matches and the red end being the eraser so when out on quotes and needing to make notes, just put that box in your pocket and all is at hand for this handy gadget stationery tool set. Fun stationery at it’s best and you won’t get your fingers burn’t or need a risk assessment on this job.


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