Build Your Own

Build Your Own

Your dream car in miniature!

Build Your Own Porsche – What’s in your garage of dream cars? We would bet that pretty much everyone would include a Porsche in there somewhere … Well now we proudly bring you this toy porsche. Build Your Own Porsche in a few easy steps.
This toy porsche model is a detailed scale featuring a die-cast metal body, sprung opening doors, a pull-back-and-go motor, bolts, lights, dashboards and much more, plus a screw driver and instructions. There’s so much detail you might just be fooled into thinking it’s actually the real McCoy!
The finished products measure 12cm and is a perfect size to sit on the mantel piece or in any other pride of place around your home or office.

Toy Porsche:

* Softtop Boxter featuring a die-cast metal body


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