Chain Wine Bottle Holder How It Works

Chain Wine Bottle Holder How It Works

Put some magic into that special day. Like a scene from Hogwarts Great Hall, guests will be mesmerised at the top table of your wedding.with these floating wine bottles. This exclusive designer wine bottle holder is made from welded chain angled to take the weight of the bottle around it’s neck giving the illusion that the bottle is floating in the air.

Floating chain wine bottle holder
Impress friends at your celebration party with this affordable Chain Wine Bottle Holder that wouldn’t look out of place in the Tate Modern but with a hefty price tag if a certain artist put his name to it.

The designer has taken an everyday object like the link chain where the observer would associate it as fluid, a flexible object when held up and you let go, it will fall to the floor. With clever engineering of weight ratio the steel chain has been welded in curved up position to balance a wine bottle in mid air.

If you are planning a dinner party and want to create a talking point or a magic theme party this wine holder will serve you well and your guests!
A great art piece to display in your Office or home, use at events or a fantastic gift idea for anyone who enjoy’s the finer things in life.


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