Christmas Presents for Him

You’ve got a dad, or a brother, or an uncle, or a grandpappy. A cousin, a boyfriend, a fiancee, a husband, or a postman. The important men in your life come in all shapes and sizes, and you need to buy at least one of them a Christmas gift. Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year if you let it, but if you’ve come here looking for answers, then we’ve got a few for you. A stocking filler or a full blown big gift, we’ve collected all our biggest Christmas movers and shakers for him together down below, so you don’t have to enter the festive season with a dickie ticker.

You need someone to take the high blood pressure element out of Christmas gift buying. Everyone does. Apart from those madheads who do theirs in the January sales for the following year. But honestly, where do you store that stuff? What if the Christmas pudding socks you buy your brother or the dressing gown with reindeer antlers hood you buy your dad doesn’t fit? Even worse, what if the LED lights on them DON’T FLASH? There’s a generous refund policy, and there’s trying to return stuff after 12 months of it sitting in a carrier bag in the back of the wardrobe. Whilst we don’t expect you to really leave it until 3pm on Christmas eve (hey, some people just work better under pressure), we know time can sometimes run away from you, and you get stuck. You get that festive gift brain freeze that we all dread. Well don’t worry, in order to stop you gifting people the emergency deodorant you bought yourself, or making cards out of pine cone cones and glitter at midnight, we’ve popped all our best ideas for Christmas Presents For Him together, so panic over.

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