Christmas Stocking Fillers for Your Boyfriend

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Your Boyfriend

This year why not ditch reciting your version of ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ and surprise that brilliant boyfriend of yours with a Luckies selection of seasonal stocking fillers and unusual gifts for men? By all means stick on Kylie’s ‘Santa Baby’ but when it comes to cool gift ideas this Christmas, it’s about time you gave that stocking of his a good old Luckies stuffing. Wink smiley.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Boyfriend Who has Everything – Greetings Card Kit

When buying gifts for the men who have everything under the Christmas tree, why not go down the sentimental road with Greetings Card Kit. Included in the pack is:

8 x brown kraft cards and envelopes
2 x ink colours (red & black)
Wooden stamp handle
4 x interchangeable silicone stamp designs
Let yourself go slightly craft-Christmas-crazy creating a personalised Christmas card as your unusual stocking filler for your boyfriend. If you can’t over do the glitter at Christmas then when can you?!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Boyfriend that’s Forever Young – Glow in the Dark Star Map

With Glow in the Dark Star Map, your forever young boyfriend can study the constellations on this amazing piece of wall art that ALSO glows in the dark. This big kid may even take a break from snowman building and Christmas tree decorating to point the stars out to you in the winter sky <3 .

Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Boyfriend that’s Difficult to Buy For – Scratch Map® Travel

Difficult to buy for boyfriends are in a league of their own with all that eye rolling and sighing as they unenthusiastically rummage through stocking fillers. With Scratch Map Travel, you’ll stop that man from moaning as he happily unwraps the gift he’s been waiting for since last Boxing Day. Being a mini Scratch Map poster, it works neatly as a stocking filler before being stuffed into a rucksack for your boyfriend to merrily take on his travels.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Boyfriend Cooking the Christmas Lunch – Mark Eat Basting Brush

Mark Eat Basting Brush is the essential silicone basting brush and pump your boyfriend requires to make the juiciest Christmas turkey this year. Forget turkey’s rep for being slightly dry as this handy stocking filler mixed with your boyfriend’s culinary expertise will marinade the perfect turkey, spuds and sprouts so that there’ll be no room left for dear Granny’s Figgy pudding. You might find some space for the Christmas cheese board though…

Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Boyfriend that’s Been Good This Year – Pocket Tin Speaker

All good boyfriends who wrote their list to Santa asking for a Pocket Tin Speaker may well be in luck this year. This rechargeable speaker is small enough to fit in a pocket, has up to 12 hours playback and is rechargeable via a USB lead. Its portable size not only makes it an ideal and unusual stocking filler but also means the whole family can stick on Slade for a festive sing-along wherever you all end up eating Christmas dinner.