Colouring Posters for Adults: Meet OMY Design & Play

Colouring Posters for Adults: Meet OMY Design & Play

Here at Luckies we have loads of great Gifts for the young ones, but sometimes we can’t help but feeling there are some things that are wasted on children. You know what we mean? Sweets, Disney, the six weeks holidays, naps… If you’ve ever used babysitting as an excuse to play princess dress up, taken your nephew to the park just so you can have a go on the swings, or thought about drop kicking the kid that got the last Xbox game at Asda then this guide is for you. Introducing, the OMY Design & Play range, because as the great saying goes, ‘Youth (and their colouring in material) is wasted on the young’.

We’ll ease you in gently with OMY Pocket Maps – perfect if you’ve not quite let go of your adult sensibilities and you still need an excuse to colour instead of paying the bills. Not only do you get the satisfaction of creating colourful masterpieces, you also get to plan your next holiday. With great destinations to chose from, you can colour in cultural icons from famous places, including the lucky cat in Tokyo, Moulin Rouge dancers in Paris, and possibly the best of the lot, the OMY fantasy world (we’ll let you discover that one on your own!). Each map folds out of a handy pocket sized pack, has space for travel notes, AND has 12 stickers included.

Next, we’ll move on to the OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL, perfect for the colouring connoisseur… It’s a humongous monochrome roll mat, a blank canvas for you to unleash your inner artist on! If colouring in is the next big thing in mindfullness, think how zenned you’ll be after finishing this baby – you’ll probably be so blissful you’ll start a monastery… At least if you do you’ll have perfectly coloured wall paper to decorate it with. You can either cut out sections or keep it whole, plus it comes in a range of designs. All this AND it’s printed on sustainably sourced paper. Could you be more at one with nature?

But imagine the horror when you’ve just spent 4 hours colouring in a Tokyo landscape with pin point precision, when you realise there’s one skyscraper window out of sync with the rest… Instead of scrapping your entire life’s work in a hasty rage, you need to get involved with OMY Magic Felt Tip Pens. They come in packs of 16 beautiful and bright colours, BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART – they’re double-ended with one side cleverly utilised as an erasable felt tip pen. Also great for when you thought you were being ironic penning that tree trunk purple.


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