Cool Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to birthday gifts, there are so many options. Do you go big? Small? Are you hand delivering, or does this need to fit through a letterbox in order to get there in time for the birthday? More importantly than any of that, the gift needs to be cool. Which is why if you’re looking for cool birthday gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

With everything from cool gadgets, to tech, to novelty gifts and beyond, however cool the birthday boy or girl is, you’ll have something to rise to the occasion.

It can be hard to get it just right with birthday gift ideas. But if you’re looking for something cool to give as a birthday present, then Luckies of London has plenty for you.

Maybe you need something for a keen chef? Well our cool kitchen gifts range from compact and handy like garlic crushers, fruit and vegetable peelers, and herb infusers to those for the more daring chef, such as a custom rolling pin for personalising your biscuits and pastry, salad tongs, and alien themed pasta strainers.

If it’s something cool for the home that you think will do the trick, then try our Rocket Planter, ambient night lights, or their very own Scratch Map. You can decide which map to get them based on their interests, it’s as simple as that.

If you wanted to go ultra cool, then maybe try one of our Smartphone Magnifiers. There isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t want to see those YouTube videos of cute puppies up to 8 times the size, so give them a gift that will never stop giving, and cement yourself in their good books with all the cool points forever.

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