Cool birthday present ideas for men

Cool birthday present ideas for men

If you’re in search of some seriously cool birthday present ideas for men? We have put together an easy guide to ensure that the man in question isn’t disappointed. From dad’s, brothers, husbands and boyfriends we have something for all guys.

Cool birthday present ideas for guys that are hard to buy for
There are few activities one can engage in more daunting and fraught with danger than trying to buy a teenager a cool birthday present.

Not only are they going to have to open it in front of all their teenage friends, but they are also going to feign casual disinterest no matter what it is. Unless you’re able to obtain gold circle seats for Yung Whoever, or agree their present is for you to pay their phone bill for the next 10 years. “cheers” is probably the most emotional response you’re getting.

We know this, because we used to be teenagers!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, and Luckies is here to rescue you from being the person who hands their nephew £20 straight out their wallet at the party. Although that is a reliable back up plan, and shouldn’t be dismissed in case of emergency.

Birthday present ideas for gadget lovers
The Milk Light is a rechargeable ambient light, that would look pretty cool lighting up any teenage dungeon. Perfect for a night light, or just as some extra light when a movie is being watched, or a video game played. It’s pretty unusual too, which will also score you brownie points. If there’s anything teenagers love doing, it’s sitting in the dark.

Birthday presents for tech lovers
The Luckies Smartphone Projector is bound to be a hit for exactly the same reasons. All teens want a telly in their room, but now you can save them the struggle of trying to get one. The Smartphone Projector is a gadget that can project video and apps straight on to a blank wall in the dark. Netflix, YouTube, you name it.

Classic birthday present ideas under £20
If you’re really stuck, our CapitaLIST Perry Piggy Bank, he perfect way to let them save their own money for whatever it is they want. Write your birthday message on the side with chalk, and they can replace that with whatever it is they’re saving for. That way maybe you can get away with giving them the 20 quid after all. Tell their parents you’re trying to teach them the value of saving money, and you’re golden all round.

Hopefully that makes it all a little scary, but we guess the only way to know how they really feel about your present is to check their tweets afterwards to see if they’ve called you any names.