Cool Birthday Presents

Finding the right birthday present can be difficult at times. The idea you have come be the same idea as others or the gift you’re looking for just isn’t available in the high street,

Although this can be frustrating, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost when looking for cool birthday presents.

GiftLab has a vast selection of gifts that are perfect for every personality and occasion. The following is just an example of some of the cool birthday presents available on GiftLab

Rock On Headphone Stand

Looking for solutions to store your headphones can often involve a lot of money for something that isn’t very inspired.

The Rock On Headphone Stand breaks conformity and introduces a new and novel way of storing all kinds of headphones, be it for gaming or for music.

The headphones stand is designed on the classic “devil’s horns” gesture and offers a brass finish. The fingers of the Rock On Headphone Stand can also be used to store air buds.

Smartphone Speaker

Of course, not everyone wants to confine their music listening to headphones.

Regardless of whether you’re attending a barbecue or just looking for a fun night in with friends, the Smartphone Speaker is a cool birthday present that will allow you to enjoy music on the go with little effort.

Despite being designed for smartphones, the Smartphone Speaker can also be used with MP3 players and laptops, ensuring there is always a music outlet available.

The Smartphone Speaker is made from cardboard, laminate, metal, plastic and foil and measures 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm.

All the Smartphone Speaker needs to get running is 4 AA batteries.

Hologram Viewer

If you’re looking for a cool birthday present that encourages smartphone users to do more than check Facebook and Instagram, then the Hologram Viewer could be for you.

All that is needed for the Hologram Viewer to work its magic is the use of a smartphone and the accompanying app.

As well as displaying amazing and immersive holograms, the Hologram Viewer also allows for personal messages, making it a cool birthday present for those looking for more from their smartphone.

Adventure Wristband

Given all the different apps and facilities available, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are embracing the opportunity to travel. However, there can be downfalls with travelling, such as the loss of a camera.

Although losing the camera can be devasting enough, it’s the photos contained within the camera that can cause the most upset.

The same is true for smartphones. People are reliant on their phones for snaps but losing the phone could mean memories are lost forever.

The Adventure Wristband not only looks great when worn but offers 4GB of storage to back up the memories you’ve made during a journey.

The Adventure Wristband is perfect of backpackers and those with a real sense of adventure.

Scratch Map

The Scratch Map series has been popular since it was first introduced in 2009 and hasn’t stopped gaining traction since.

As well as its original iteration, there are also several other versions that are designed for all personalities and interests

For example, music fans will simply love the Ed Sheeran edition, whereas those with a good sense of humour will love Scratch Map of the F****ing Word, a Scratch Map that details everyone’s favourite expletives around the world.

Whatever your interests, there will be a Scratch Map available that makes for a perfect birthday present.

Smartphone Projector And Speaker Gift Set

There’s nothing worse than wanting to visit the cinema, only to find that the pickings are slim. Some of us may not want to deal with crowds, whereas others may like the content on offer

If you’re looking for a cool birthday present for lovers of music, movies and even YouTube the why not consider the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set.

Instead of squinting at a small screen, the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set ensure that there is always an option to catch a movie, regardless of what is being shown at the cinema.

Camera Light

The humble bedside lamp has been a necessity of the bedroom for several years, but this doesn’t mean that the choice available will tick all the boxes.

Don’t worry, as GiftLab can offer one of the coolest bedside lamps in the world in the guise of the Camera Light.

Based on the iconic retro camera design, the Camera Light offers all the functions of a generic bedside lamp, the Camera Light offers an aesthetic that is different while still being stylish.

If you’re looking for a gift for a budding photographer, or just looking for a cool birthday present that adds some ambience to the bedroom, then the Camera Light could be the cool birthday gift you’re looking for.

Food Factory Condiment Set

Just because you’re buying a gift for the kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The Food Factory Condiment Set allows those who like to cook an original way of serving salt, chilli flakes and any other condiment that you’re thinking of.

However, when not in use, the Food Factory Condiment Set lives up to its name and take on the form of a black industrial factory.

As well as being affordable, it’s easy to see why the Food Factory Condiment Set is a cool birthday present.

The gifts mentioned are just an example of some of the gifts that can be found on the GiftLab platform. As well as being able to offer an abundance of choice in relation to cool birthday presents, the gifts available are also suitable for a slew of other events and occasions.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift and are looking for some inspiration then why not visit GiftLab and view the abundance of gifts available.

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