Cool Fun Stationery every Office should have

Cool Fun Stationery every Office should have

Walk into any professional and successful office and you will see serious memo boards but with fun stationery to enhance the working environment and the serious business that also considers the well being of it’s employees and that includes having the right tools and most important is the note making. Everyone knows what is going on around them as well as picking up on priority work load.
Keep staff calm and cool with these great functional fun stationery items.

Eric the Memo Elephant.

Personalize your work space and put some fun into your working practice with this ceramic elephant shaped dry wipe memo friend called Eric. Comes with a dry wipe pen and cloth to re use time again for writing messages to colleagues or reminders for yourself. His trunk is curled under to form a resting place for the pen so you know where to find one for those urgent note making moments. The tail is also looped to carry the cloth for safe keeping. A great no waste , reusable memo tool gift idea.

Memo Mountain

Mount all your memos on the cool cork board, shaped into the outline of a mountain range with the cutest green tree shaped pins and look up to wall mounted range to remember your next task or leave reminders. Even pin a holiday picture on there if you need a pick me up to look at what you are working towards. A strong adhesive backing will allow you to stick to most surfaces so put some fun in the office and it will encourage colleagues to use a memo board for better communication.

Matchstick Notelets

Strike up a deal, or jot down them crucial notes with these fun flip it open notelets designed to look like the vintage matchstick cases often found in hotels once upon a time. Perfect size to fit in a wallet or top pocket for handy use whenever you are in or out of the office and don’t want to carry large notebooks. Use the cute little sticky notes as a memo pad to leave notes around the office or leave yourself reminders on desks , boards or folders. Functional. fun and very cool , handy for office memo post its, and a great transportable pocket size note maker.