Cool Gadgets for Him 2019

Cool Gadgets for Him 2019

It could be true that you won’t get far without a mobile phone or map app these days. Technology is certainly expanding fast, and here at Luckies we are keeping up with the programme, with a brand new range of retro tech Gadgets for hands on fun but are in fact hands free, in fact we might be one step ahead with the Hologram Viewer! It would be great to be able to afford a robot to do everything for you, but we know doing things ourselves and being creative is far more fulfilling.

Rack up real life experience with the Original Scratch Maps by Luckies, a great gadget gift idea even for Him who has everything, will discover things not only about the world but about his own world. We invite you to look at our vast range of travel gadgets such as the personalised travel map and travel journals.

Even our conventional gadgets do more than what they say on the tin, yes we do have a tin which is actually a portable speaker and not just any bottle opener, this one by Monkey Business, is a sip zip bottle opener, a camera that’s really a night light, or to the complete unconventional, the floating wine-bottle-holder for a spot of magic.

You can trust Luckies to put the Fun into Functionality and provide hundreds of gadget gift Ideas, for travel, home, and Office, for birthday and Christmas gift Ideas for him. Remember you saw it here first !


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