Cool Gift Ideas for August Birthday Boys and Girls 

Cool Gift Ideas for August Birthday Boys and Girls 

Ever remember being super jealous of the friends at school that got to celebrate their birthdays in the summer holidays? Us too. No alarms for school, no homework, just playing in the park in the summer sun. Well hopefully you’ve got over that bitterness, because it’s time to help those Leo born babies celebrate in style once again. Here’s our guide to cool gift ideas for boys and girls that were lucky enough to be born in August.

Waterproof Notebook

One of the coolest things we’ve seen come out of 2016… If you know anyone who has their best ideas in the shower then this is definitely the perfect gift for them – no more can they blame their ever elusive ideas on the lack of writing apparatus in the bathroom! It also makes a pretty cool gift for boys and girls who keep a journal whilst on the trot – come rain or shine this hardy notebook will stick by their side, ready to document all of their profundities (or more likely some bored doodles of cats).

Message Rolling Pin

Now this next birthday gift idea is guaranteed to get you some brownie points – bake a birthday cake for your family or friends and use the Message Rolling Pin gift set to write your own personalised message on the icing. Decide from the three message options how cute or embarrassing you want this birthday treat to be – just be prepared that prying eyes might see it too! Plus, after you’re done making the cake, you can give them the rolling pin set – a perfect gift for any one who can give Nigella a run for her money in the tasty treat department.


August is about the time people start running away for their summer holidays – the kids are done with school, work is unbearable in the heat, the sun, sea and sand are calling… Get the birthday boy or girl in the mood for some summertime travels with the Luckies Mapnetic – a magnetic, dry wipe world map that lets you plan out or document your travels. Great for those that have caught the travel bug, or just a cool gift idea for boys or girls that love to dream about a life outside the office walls…

Deco Decal Stickers

Need a cool gift idea for the vintage lover in your life? It has to be Deco Decal Stickers, obvs. Whether it’s pin up chic or deco decoupage they’re into, these retro stickers are bound to brighten up their day! With a plethora of pin ups to choose from, these glamorous girls perk up any accessory, and will definitely ensure you get a birthday invite to next year’s party.


If the long hot days of summer (all two of them) have got you missing the rain, then this is the gift for you. Rainmaker transforms watering the plants from a daily chore into an awesome activity – it connects to your soft drink bottle and waters your plants through a little raincloud – perfect for your green fingered friends and a great gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement to water those poor drooping house plants!