Cool Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Cool Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Welcome to stress free shopping. Haven’t got the time to search ? Then just copy and paste these super cool gift ideas for the man that has everything. Birthday coming up ? No worries you have it saved.

Scratch Globe
This 3D structure is a tactile globe made from strong laminate cardboard. A shiny white surface with gold foil maps of the country’s of the World to visit and then scratch off to reveal your personalised journey.
A vibrant colourful jigsaw image will emerge as you realise your dreams of travel that can be a record of memories and a decorative piece for your desk or mantelpiece.

Milk Light
Your turn for breakfast ? Don’t milk it ! or get blinded with the main light so early in the morning this Milk Light with outer glass and inner translucent milk bottle shaped light, shines softly.
A designer light to surprise the mind from milk man days of our past and how it can been used to create functional objects.
A rechargeable light includes a micro USB cable and lasts for 6 hours. It is rainproof and and portable, so really useful to take on camping trips and festivals.

Adventure Wristband
Super cool fashion slap and stick to your wrist in a rugged brown leather look portable USB band. Carry’s up to 1000 photo’s with 8 GB memory.This rain resistant accessory is great for outdoor adventures but stylish enough for the office. The Adventure Wristband is presented in a traditional bottle green and copper colour tin.


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