Cool Gift Ideas to Keep Children Entertained this Summer Holiday

Cool Gift Ideas to Keep Children Entertained this Summer Holiday

With school holidays soon to be in full bloom, you can never be too prepared with fun activities and cool gift Ideas to keep the kids happy while you travel. Whether the car’s packed to the brim as you drive to the south of France or you’ve just boarded that 9 hour plane journey to Orlando, you will definitely benefit from our selection of those all-important travel games and colouring in. With our awesome Gifts for children, never again will that spine-tingling phrase ‘Are we there yet?’ be uttered again. At last!

Introducing OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll, the mini roll of colouring and games to play on the go. With plenty of enchanting hand-drawn destinations waiting to be brought to life through colour, this cute and portable entertainer will become more vital than the sun block itself. Either let the kids carry it in their holiday rucksack or have it conveniently placed in Daddy’s bum bag, ready to be whipped out for all ‘flight delayed’ emergencies. Not only will this little miracle be the secret to keeping the youngsters occupied on tour, the fun travel games of dot-to-dot and mazes means the whole family can get involved.

No travel games and colouring in would be complete without the awesome addition of OMY Magic Felt Tip Pens, 16 double-ended, tip pens that come in a variety of bright colours to match these bright designs. With the benefit of them being erasable it means that there’s no need for the kids to get upset when they colour out the lines. After all, it was Mum’s fault when she suddenly swerved to the other side of the road – remember that the rest of the world drives on the right, Mum!

And finally, just as no two kids like to have the same toy, with our travel games and colouring in, no two colouring-in adventures are the same. With four adventures to choose from, (Barcelona, New York, London and Paris) either choose the most appropriate destination to match your travels or give a different adventure to each of the rugrats. Each pack comes with its very own multi-coloured pencil with 7 changeable coloured tips which means there’s no squabbling over the shared Stationery letting the kids freely scribble and shade away when in transit.


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