Cool Gift Ideas Under £30 for Girls That Have Everything

Cool Gift Ideas Under £30 for Girls That Have Everything

If you’re shopping for a real life Paris Hilton kinda gal who has it all, plus one extra for Her latest BFF, then you may be in dire need of some original cool gift Ideas from Luckies. This year ditch the I.O.U. one foot massage as she watches the latest Beyoncé vid for our cool gift Ideas for under £30 for the girls that have everything. Who runs the world? Girls (that have everything).

Being the girl that has everything, she is sure to be a slight shopaholic in the clothes department with fashionable blouses and blazers and an impressive lounge wear collection that you casually try to steal after sleepovers. With No Sew Buttons you can keep this extensive wardrobe looking its finest whenever she experiences that awkward broken/missing button emergency. With this tin of button pins that come in white, grey and black, Miss Independent can quickly click on a button replacement and look sharp and tidy for that all important meeting.

If however you’d prefer to take a different approach and not add to your sisters or girlfriends pile of everything then why not make her day special with our selection of cool gift ideas that let you get totally creative. With Juice Bruce Squeezer, the pointy Easter Island shaped wooden head citrus squeezer, you can keep the margaritas coming for that surprise Mexican themed dinner party you’re now throwing your dearest wifey. And with Mexican food comes the helpings of guacamole, sour cream and sticky fingers in need of some Dinner Party Napkins. Being the ideal addition to any culinary Mexican themed gathering, these fun interactive napkins are covered in games and quizzes to keep the guests occupied while you hang the piñata!

And finally, get more bang for your buck with our cool gift ideas that not only help you save dollar but also show you’ve gone that extra mile. With Smartphone Projector 2.0 Black and Gold, this portable cinema’s sleek and stylish design is sure to live up to the expectations of the girl that has everything and save you money on cinema tickets (but she doesn’t need to know that!). Whether you’re celebrating a birthday with a girly sleepover or maybe anniversary for that special lady, this portable cinema will project images from your iPhone by magnifying them up to 8 times which means you and your girly bestie can set up your very own home cinema. And by home cinema we are obviously referring to watching Beyoncé videos on the big screen, what else?!


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