Cool Gift Ideas Under £30 for Guys That are Hard to Buy For

Cool Gift Ideas Under £30 for Guys That are Hard to Buy For

Be it brother, boyfriend or your buddy best friend, when it comes to hunting out cool gift ideas for guys that are Hard to buy for, call us biased, but we’d 100% recommend the help of the experts here at Luckies. Just because Mr Right is Mr Right Hard to Buy For doesn’t mean you have to be left out of pocket racking your brains for a gift to match such diva ways. With our selection of cool gift ideas under £30 you’re sure to nail it this year while proudly waving goodbye to his years of awkward false smiles.

If the man in your life views himself as quite the connoisseur in the kitchen (imagine buying for Heston Blumenthal!) then he’s sure to be pleased with Penneli, the fun garlic peeler that quickly peels garlic cloves in a fun oversized penne tube. The bonus being that it avoids the icky garlic smell getting into his hands which means the two of you can get flirty in the kitchen and romance over how much you clove each other <3 . If however this Hard to buy for guy already has every helpful herb peeler out there (explains why he’s so hard to buy for!) then bring out his baking side with Write On Icing. This quirky icing decorating tool, in the shape of a giant pencil, is perfect for personalising all baked goodies and is one of many cool gift ideas that will guarantee you get more bang for your buck for that special guy.

If gaining star baker isn’t on the bucket list of this hard to buy for guy then Adventure Journal will provide him with over 300 better suited alternatives. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to diving in the Great Barrier Reef, keep him on his guessing toes with this awesome 68 page journal featuring ‘must do’ experiences from around the world. Hard to buy for brothers and boyfriends tend to get that way because they’ve seen and done everything out there but with our cool gift ideas for adrenaline junkie fellas there will never be a dull moment or difficult gift buying decision again.

And finally, his high standards don’t have to mean high price tags for you, keep things fun and quirky with Rubber Jonny, the novelty eraser which is guaranteed to get him grinning on his birthday. Give alongside Sardine Paperclips, which do exactly what they say on the sardine tin to complete his new swanky stationary collection. With our collection of novelty stationary cool gift ideas you’ll come back with change from a tenner and even look forward to the birthdays of all those difficult to buy for dudes in the future. Trust us.


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