Currency Money Bank, a Cool Way to Save Money

Currency Money Bank, a Cool Way to Save Money

This Currency Money Bank from GiftLab is cleverly designed to keep your foreign change organised. Instead of losing the coins when you get home or putting them in a pot where they get mixed up, you can store any foreign change in a way which means you can use it when you travel again.

Another innovative but useful product from Luckies of London, the Currency Money bank has a multitude of uses for anyone who travels. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, on your own or with your family this is the ideal product to keep you organised.

Many of us travel extensively these days and come home with pockets of change we don’t know what to do with. The Currency Money Bank has six separate compartments to organise your change and enables you to pick out the right coins easily to use next time. It comes with sticker sheets so you can identify which currency you put where at a glance and pick it out whenever you are off with no time consuming fuss.

It’s great to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. Whether Euros, Dollars or Yen or any other countries you visit you can fill it over time and use it when you need to. It is also great fun for children to learn about different currencies and how they work.

Gone are the days when the business traveler came home with pockets full of coins and mixes them all up. At a time when everyone is counting their pennies this has a great use for the most frugal of travellers. Whether you are planning to visit various countries or are being sent their for work, keep your change separate and ensure you can use it again. And again.

A money bank with a difference this adds value to any home or can sit on any desk in the office.


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