Display posters in seconds with Hang! The Magnetic Poster Hanger

Display posters in seconds with Hang! The Magnetic Poster Hanger

Do you have a hang up as to what type of gift you should buy? Then why not by a Hang Up?

Confused? Fear not, the Hang Up is a play on words that offers a fresh and innovative lights source that will really get friends and family talking.

Based on the classic clothes hangar design, the Hang Up offers a light source that looks great in any room.

What’s more, they’re so affordable that you can give as many or as less as you want, the possibilities are truly endless.

The Hang Up is powered by four AAA batteries, which can allow up to 20 hours of light.

The dimensions of the Hang Up are 20.2 x 46.5 x 1.9 cm and is manufactured using frosted plastic to offer a sleek and rustic copper effect.

Perfect for the Wardrobe or Closet

Dealing with clothes during the day can often be straightforward, but as the night falls things can become problematic.

Searching for the perfect shirt or looking for that outfit we’ve not worked in months can be problematic in the dark, regardless of what lights are already being used.

The mobile nature of the Hang Up means that it can be easily placed in any closet or wardrobe and offer light at a moment’s choice.

Ideal for Restless Children

All parents will have heard about monsters in the wardrobe, and it normally shows that a child is worried or anxious when it’s dark.

The Hang Up can be the perfect deterrent for potential nightcrawlers, as it’s bright light helps enforce to children that there really is nothing to worry about.

Not only can the light be used within the wardrobe, but it can be placed anyway around the room to offer a real secure feeling for the child.

Ideal for Followers of Fashion

If you have a friend or family member that is fond of fashion, the buying them a gift can be difficult in some instances.

Sometimes, the person purchasing the gift may only have a small budget, whereas others will be unsure as to what fashion is in style or not.

Don’t worry, because we don’t always have to be so literal when it comes to gifts. IN fact, thinking outside the box can often make the gift a lot more personal.

The Hang Up can be the perfect gift for those who enjoy trying clothes, as the clothes hanger design is something that will be subjected to daily.

And what fashion buff doesn’t like to look in the mirror? The Hang Up can be used to achieve the perfect look for showcasing threads, whether it’s in the mirror or via Instagram.The Hang Up is just an example of the innovative and alluring Gifts available from GiftLab. If you’re looking for some inspiration in relation to Gifts, then why not visit GiftLab today and browse the extensive range of gifts available.


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