Dog Bum Towel Holder

Dog Bum Towel Holder

Dog End Towel Holder, a kitsch Kitchen accessory

Always guaranteed to have visitors howling (pathetic we know, but had to be done) with laughter. Dog End will raise a smile every time dishes need to be dried, which is probably a first. The dog towel holder has a kind of classic, innocent 1950’s-ness about it, until of course you realise that you’re sticking your finger up an animals bum as you put the tea towel back in its rightful place! The Dog End towel Holder always get a reaction, but is well enough designed to slip in to the kitchen (or bathroom) environment unnoticed. Can be attached to wall using sticky pad (supplied) or screw (supplied). Available in White or Spotty varieties.

  • Dog End Features
  • Kitsch kitchen accessory
  • Supplied with screw or sticky pad
  • Available in white or spotty


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