Educational Gifts for Children

Educational Gifts for Children

With so many gizmos and gadgets available, it’s easy to see why parents worry about finding items that can contribute towards a healthier education.

There’s nothing wrong in children letting loose on “Fortnite” or “Minecraft” now and again, but it’s important that this is balanced with other activities.

Finding educations gifts for children can be problematic when it comes to finding items that are both educational and appealing.

GiftLab understands just how difficult it can be finding the perfect educational gift for children, which is why it ensures that there’s a gift for every occasion within its inventory.

Scratch Maps

One of the most popular educational gifts for children is the iconic Scratch Map range. Not only are there several different designs to choose from, but the fun and immersive nature of the maps means that children are always learning.

Among some of the eye-catching designs is the Ed Sheeran edition, that unveils facts regarding locations that inspired some of the artist’s biggest hits as well as a Rainbow Edition that ensures every fact unveiled is awash with colour.

Girls and boys love the gift of a scratch map and the choice available from GiftLab ensures that there’s a Scratch Map for every little personality.


Is your child a fan of periodic charts but find they become damaged when using drawing pins or other forms of adhesives? Or maybe you’re looking for a safe and reliable way of hanging your child’s scratch map?

There are many ways of displaying your child’s favourite maps and posters, but some of these can be expensive. There can be instanced when frames could pose a threat in a child’s bedroom, so parents will be keen to find a safer alternative that’s still reliable.

The Hang! poster solution can be used for all Scratch Maps, posters and anything else that needs to be displayed.

The dimensions of the Hang! Poster Hanger are 87 x 6 x 3.5 cm and are manufactured from MDF, Neodymium and polyester and consist of 6 magnets, 4 panels and 1 polyester cord which ensures that the hanging of maps and posters is effortless and safe for children’s bedrooms.

Stamp Map Passport

Learning about the word can be a fun experience, and one of the best things about going abroad is learning about different cultures and landmarks.

Although passports are stamped as we visit different countries, they’re not recorded in a way that can be reflected on later.

The Stamp Map Passport is the ideal education gift for children of all ages, regardless of whether your child is looking to expand on what they already know, or whether they’re taking the first step into the world of travel.

The set comes with a 28-page passport, an interchangeable stamp crafted from wood and metal and two ink pads.

As well as allowing children to record the places they’ve visited the Stamp Map Passport also allows children to build a bucket of places they would look like to visit.

The Stamp Map Passport is much more than a gift, it’s something that children will cherish for time to come and will be used time and time again.


Contrary to what many assume, the art of colouring one is still enjoyed as much today as it was when it was introduced in the 18th century.

However, the Colorlogue isn’t just a colouring book, it’s a fun and immersive way for children to record what countries they’ve visited by colouring them in.

As well as they’re being a series of famous landmarks for children to colour in, there are also a collection of flags that can be coloured in.

As well as being a fun way of recording memories the Colorlogue can also be a great distraction for airports if you’re worried about mobile devices being used too much.

Hologram Viewer

Keen for your children to use their tablet for something other than watch YouTube? Then why not consider the Hologram Viewer.

Holograms have been around for several years, but its only now that allows children to create real holograms in the comfort of their own home.

Some crazes come and go, but holograms continue to be an immersive and interesting subject matter that teaches children about light and reflections.

The personalisation of messages also ensures that the use of the Hologram Viewer offers a different experience every time.

Smartphone Projector 2.0

On the surface, the Smartphone Projector 2.0 looks like a fun way of watching cartoons and movies with friends, it is.

However, the projector can also teach children about how projection works, and how the distance between the projector and the surface changes the overall quality of the picture.

It also allows children a glimpse into how image manipulation works. In this instance, the smartphone is being projected via the Smartphone Projector by being placed inside.

It’s easy to assume that watching a lot of television can be damaging, and in some instances, it can be. However, the slightest hint of education can turn an otherwise passive activity into something that teaches your child as they use the item.

What’s more, the Smartphone Projector 2.0 offers a blank canvas so children can create their own design, again enticing children to be creative without it being considered a chore.

GiftLab Offers an Assortment of Education Gifts

When looking for the perfect gift, there can be many factors to consider. GiftLab understands how overwhelming choosing a gift can be, which is why it offers a series of different gifts for all occasions.Regardless of whether it’s a child’s birthday or a couple’s anniversary, you can be assured that GiftLab will always have something perfect for the occasion.