Eric the Memo Elephant – After All Elephants Never Forget

Eric the Memo Elephant – After All Elephants Never Forget

Forgetful? There are so many ways of trying to remember things, but most of them don’t work. Sometimes you write lists and forget to look at them or lose them. Why not have some assistance in the form of a cute ceramic elephant called Eric? He can hold a pen and cloth in his trunk or the curl of his tail, ready for you to scribble reminders and notes all over him. Therefore this is the answer to your problems. If you want to ensure that you have somewhere in your house to leave short memos that you will definitely notice then Eric The Memo Elephant is perfect for you. Cute, useful and re-usable, this could be your new best memory assistant.

Ceramic 3D Memo message board
Eric the Memo Elephant is an innovative and totally unique 3D message board by Luckies of London. Shaped like an elephant, Eric is made from high quality white ceramic with gloss finish ready to write on and wipe clean, and can be used again and again. Quite simply he is a genius that never forgets (until you rub him clean of course!) who will help you to become less forgetful, at least as long as you remember to write on him…

Whether you need to jot down your shopping essentials, remember that your children have P.E at school tomorrow, tell your partner you love them, or tell them to tidy up! Eric can help you with whatever it is you need. He can sit by your bedside, or on the Kitchen table – anywhere that might be useful as his cool gloss exterior will look good everywhere. Whether communicating to yourself, your partner, your flatmate or your butler (wishful thinking), Eric can be your most useful companion. At home or at work, he will brighten up any boring Office desk, as well as acting like an unpaid and very economical PA.

Eric the Memo Elephant never forgets and therefore can ensure that you don’t forget either. All you have to do is to remember to check the notes you wrote on him! One thing is for sure, with Eric in your life, making lists and keeping notes has never looked so cute!


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