Finding Cool Gadgets for Men Who Have Everything: What’s the Secret?

Finding Cool Gadgets for Men Who Have Everything: What’s the Secret?

When looking for cool gadgets for men who have everything, it’s easy to become confused as to what type off gifts are suitable.

Sure, the Internet has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to cool gadgets, but this doesn’t always mean they’re affordable.

There’s also the fact that some gadgets are frankly pointless, so the novelty value soon wears off.

As such, the secret to finding cool gadgets for men who have everything is to ensure that there a balance of originality and practicality.

An example of some of the cool gifts available for men is as follows.

Rock On Headphone Stand

It’s very rare to be recommending a headphone stand as a cool gadget for men who have everything, we’re not talking about any headphone stand.

As the name suggests, the Rock On Headphone Stand is a headphone stand infused with attitude.

Emulating the classic “devil horns” finger gesture, which is cool in its own right, the Rock On Headphone Stand can store all types of headphones, headsets and earbuds.

Smartphone Magnifier 2.0

When it comes to cool gadgets for men who have everything, buying them the latest smartphone probably isn’t an option, plus it’s expensive.

Fear not, as there are cool gifts that can not only be used in conjunction with smartphones but enhance the experience.

This is evident in the Smartphone Magnifier 2.0. As well as allowing those attached to the smartphone to enjoy more clarity when watching Netflix and YouTube videos, they can also be amazed by the classic retro design, just for that additional layer of coolness.

Hologram Viewer

Back in the 1980s, people couldn’t get enough of holograms. They were in our cereal and even present in our toys, but the wonderment of the humble hologram has been overshadowed by technology.

This doesn’t mean that the hologram is a dated concept. If anything, it’s more amazing now that it’s ever been, as people are now able to create their own unique holograms with ease.

The Hologram Viewer is used in partnership with an app and personalise hologram messages and view them at the touch of a button. How cool is that?

The Envelope

Looking for a laptop case with a difference? Then look no further. Again, laptop sleeves aren’t normally among the consideration when looking for cool gadgets for men who have everything, but The Envelope offers something truly original and cool in one sitting.

Emulating the classic manila envelope design, the Envelope is made from washable and felt and can be used to fit any portable device measuring up to 15 inches.

What’s more, it’s unlike anything else available, making it a cool gift for men that have everything.

Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

There’s nothing but a night at the flicks, but it can be a little too much for those who have had a hard day at work.

Fear not, as the Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY is another example of just how many cool gadgets there are for men who have everything.

As well as offering a novel way of catching up with Netflix binges and YouTube videos, the Smartphone Projector can also be personalised.

This ensures that the special man in your life can put their own stamp on the projector or can even be personalised by someone else to offer a truly bespoke experience.

Milk Light

There’s nothing better than being able to inject some ambience into the home or the office, but those looking for cool gadgets for men who have everything may find that some of the offerings available on the high street are lacklustre.

Although the Milk Light can be used in the same way as other forms of lighting, the cool factor is derived from the fact that the light ins inspired bub the classic milk bottle design.

As well as being an ideal source of light, the Milk Light is the perfect gift for those that already seem to have every other form of gadget known to man.

Hang Up

The Milk Light is not the only gift available for those searching for cool gadgets for men who have everything, as the Hang Up is yet another inspired take of the everyday light that offers something different.

Based on the classic coat hanger design, the Hang Up can be placed anywhere, regardless of whether it’s in the bedroom or the living room.

Yet another inspired design that is cool in many ways without caving into conformity.

Pocket Tin Speaker

There’s nothing cooler than being able to pull a speaker that’s not only built with a retro-inspired design but can ensure that cool music can be brought to the party at any time.

Not only will it work with a series of smartphones and devices, but it also offers a unique design that means it’s never getting mixed up with other speakers at parties and celebrations.

Chill Bill

Let’s be honest, is there anything cooler that can be placed in the fridge to rid it of those nasty pongs?

Well in some instances, maybe, but Chill Bill is the penultimate of cool gadgets for men who have everything.

Sure, it may not download apps or play video games, but what it does do is stand guard against some of the foul odours that can occur, let’s seen an iPad do that.

Simply fill up the loveable penguin with bicarbonate of soda and voila, no more do you have a rude awakening when opening the fridge.