for Couples

The only thing more difficult than buying a housewarming gift, is when you’ve got to find something that TWO people will like. New home gifts can be daunting. But don’t panic, because we’ve put together a collection of gadgets, tech, home and kitchen accessories that any new home or homeowner would be happy to receive. Planters, culinary gadgets, bathroom bits, living room lights – it’s all here, so all you have to do once it turns up is wrap it. We also recommend you take a food item to the party, because it’s a well known fact that the kitchen is almost never functional when people first move in to new places.

No one wants to politely accept gifts they’re never going to use, especially when they’ve just moved into a new house together. It’s a clean slate for getting rid of all the tat. If people come over and don’t see that banana shaped lamp shade they bought their mate for Christmas last year, they’ll maybe just assume it’s yet to be unpacked. In reality, it’s in a skip in front of the couple’s old flat, being rained on. Not only do you not want that to be your metaphorical lampshade, you also want to buy something that the couple will love and display proudly in their new home. That’s where we come in. Ambient lights perfect for living room and office, gadgets for the kitchen, maps for the wall, marking their new co-habitational adventures, tech for improving their living space. If you can think of a new house scenario, we’ve got a gift for it.

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