You’ve racked your brains and you still have no idea what to get your dad for his birthday? What do you do?
Fear not, GiftLab understand the pressure that many go through when choosing a gift.
However, it also understands the concept of buying a gift should be as pleasurable as receiving a gift.
As such. GiftLab works hard to ensure that its inventory of gifts is always inspiring, meaning that choosing a gift becomes enjoyable rather than a headache.
The following is just an overview of some of the fantastic ideas on offer when it comes to finding the right birthday gifts for dad.
A Scratch Map for Every Occasion
The gift of a scratch map is unique enough, but the choice of Scratch Maps available means that there is one for every interest and personality.
The Ed Sheeran edition of the Scratch Map offers details about locations that inspired some of the singer-songwriters’ greatest hits and is accompanied by a guitar pick to scratch off the different sections.
Maybe you’re looking for something a little more humorous? Then why not consider the Scratch Map of the F&!*%*”g World.
This map still offers a slew of information about the world around them, including some of the more colourful language spoken around the world.
Pocket Tin Speaker 2.0
Those looking for a gift for music fans fell in love with the original tin speaker.
Sporting a retro design and hours of playback, there was little not to like about the original iteration of this iconic speaker.
However, this doesn’t mean that those looking for the perfect birthday gift for their dad are left short, and the evolved Pocket Tin Speaker 2.0 builds on its younger sibling offering even more value.
The new golden iteration is the perfect gift for those new to the Pocket Tin Speaker range or a secondary unit to complement their other speaker.
If dads don’t fall in love with the practicality of the Pocket Tin Speaker 2.0, they will love the aesthetics
Perry The Capitalist Pig Chalkboard Money Box
Before the introduction of banking and investment apps, saving money was much easier. Although many may scoff at the idea of inserting coins into a pig back, this was an inspired and loved design that is still enjoyed by the masses today.
However, we’re not talking about conventional pigs here. Perry the Capitalist Pig takes saving seriously, which is why he’s only too happy to help those looking to save by offering some inspiration.
It is thought that if we picture a goal when saving, then reaching that goal is more likely. It’s for this reason why Perry comes with a chalkboard exterior that allows its owner to scrawl the inspiration of the outside of Perry.
Of course, this isn’t the only use. Perry allows dad to keep a tally of how much has been saved so far, or warnings for those looking to steal from Perry.
Industrial-Inspired Oil & Co. Pourers
It can be a common misconception that only women enjoy receiving kitchenware as a gift, but nothing could be further from the truth.
People of all genders and backgrounds are finding solace in the kitchen, are only too happy to be receiving gifts that help them on their way to culinary excellence.
The Oil & Co. Pourers are not only ideal for those using olive oil, chilli oil or any other iteration of oil, they are also based on the industrial oil drum design.
This ensures that as well as plenty of practicality, there also act as a centrepiece for the kitchen
Milk Light
Does our dad enjoy social gatherings? Or maybe the words hard to ensure that the home is one that is warm and welcoming.
When it comes to setting the right ambience, lighting plays an important part. Sure, there are many choices available when it comes to lighting the home, but nothing comes close to the ambient and nostalgic design of a milk light.
The design of the Milk Light emulates the classic milk bottle design, complete with cork. The light is charged via USB and can last up to six hours on one charge.
Whether it’s used at the breakfast table or within a man cave, the Milk Light is admired by the masses for several different reasons.
Hologram Viewer
Regardless of whether your dad enjoys tinkering with a gadget or putting on a show for friends and family? Then the hologram view could be the perfect birthday gift for your dad.
The visualisations are controlled via an accompanying app offering a vast selection of different holographic visuals.
There is also an option to include a personalised message when giving the gift of a hologram viewer, making it a truly tailored gift that will be cherished in years to come.
Polar Iceberg Drinking Stones
Everyone enjoys their favourite tippled with ice, but over time the drink can become diluted as the ice melts. This means that a fine malt whiskey can end up tasting a little ‘meh,’
Fear not, as the Polar Iceberg Drinking Stones are the ideal substitute for ice cubes, with none of the cons.
Constructed of high-quality gel, this iceberg-shaped drinking stones will ensure that our dad’s favourite drink will stay colder for longer, and still taste great.
This is only a mere overview of the gifts available at GiftLab. As well as ensuring that there is a vast selection of gifts for birthdays, GiftLab can cater to any occasion, including anniversaries and the festive period.
If you’re looking for an original take on gifts, then why not browse the inspired collection at GiftLab today.

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