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It’s easy to assume that all gifts men are one and the same. We’ve all seen the generic gifts that make the rounds, such as grooming sets and socks, but where do we turn when looking for cool gifts for men.
GiftLab understands that no two people are the same, which is why it works hard to ensure that there is a vast selection of cool gifts for men that cater to all occasions.
Regardless of whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or something to celebrate Father’s Day, it’s of the utmost importance that the right gift provider is used.
It’s understandable that many will have a budget when buying a gift, but this doesn’t mean you should have to put up with lacklustre offerings that are of low quality.
GiftLab understands the importance of quality, while also taking into account that everybody has different budgets to adhere to, which is why it lists all its gifts in a way that makes finding the perfect gift a joy.
The following is a mere overview of some of the imaginative and innovative products available at GiftLab.
Beer Socks
It’s a common misconception that socks aren’t cool, but nothing could be further from the truth. The evidence is seen in this booze-inspired beer socks, that lack the corniness of the competition, with all the fun.
GiftLab doesn’t believe in conformity, which is why it offers several tipples, including Lager, Stout and Ale.
Eric The Memo Elephant
If you’re looking for a gift for an office worker that throw convention out of the window, then Eric the Memo Elephant is the perfect gift.
It’s quality design ensures it doesn’t look out of place in the home or office while being practical within an office setting.
Eric the Elephant can help remember important meetings, birthdays and an even be used to pass messages.
If you’re purchasing the gift for someone else, you may want to scrawl your own message on Eric. Whatever’s written can be easily wiped away, regardless of how risqué it may be.
Deco Decal Stickers
Stickers come in many different forms, and it’s understandable why some of the choice available doesn’t register as a cool gift for men, but GiftLab has once again paired inspiration with practicality and is proud to present the Deco Decal Sticker set.
This set of stickers doesn’t offer emojis or corny quotes, but instead a retro-inspired decal that can be used for laptops, tablets and anything else.
Emulating a design that was present in the 1940s, the Deco Decal Stickers is perfect for those looking for a gift that has a nostalgic overture.
Scratch Maps
Maps have always done a stellar job of teaching us about the world, but those with a vested interest in the world around them may be looking for something offers a little more than the conventional map.
GiftLab is proud to offer several variants of the Scratch Map, included the original take of the map, and several iterations that include an Ed Sheeran edition.
Not only do these maps look great around the home, but they also offer plenty of information regarding the countries and other subject matter.
Hologram Viewer
There’s no denying that holograms are cool, and what could be cooler than a Hologram Viewer?
This nifty piece of technology connects to smartphones via an app and allows the user to create a series of eye-catching and immersive visuals that will impress everyone.
Regardless of whether it’s used to show off to friends, or used for display in the home or office, there are hours of fun to be had with the Hologram Viewer.
Revolving Globe
The world is a fascinating place, so it stands to reason that people want to become more accustomed to it.
The revolving glove is a modern take on the classic revolving globe design and offers a premium finish on a spherical glossed surface.
Regardless of whether it’s placed in the home or the office, the Revolving Globe is the perfect gift for those looking for an affordable but alluring gift that will offer hours of enjoyment.
Just Your Type Personalised Stationery
Marking our belongings has become commonplace, but some are looking for more than Sharpie when it comes to claiming ownership of an item.
The Just Your Type stationery set offers a selection of adhesive foil stickers made up of different fonts, characters and icons.
The set can be used to personalise anything be it a guitar or a laptop.
Stickers may not seem like an exciting gift in the first breath, but these innovative and luxurious stickers offer true personalisation that will last a lot longer than other conventional options.
It’s understandable why so many think it’s difficult to find cool gifts for men, but GiftLab understands the struggle and works hard to ensure its stock is suitable for all sorts of events, be it birthdays, anniversaries or the festive season.

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