Fun stationery everyone must have

Fun stationery everyone must have

No one likes paperwork. Except maybe some super organised freaks – you know, the ones with colour coded drawers full of paper clips sorted in size order. (You know who you are.) But here at Luckies we’ve got tons of fun stationery to liven up your home office, inject some fun into your work station and make every mundane task seem that little bit more colourful. So here is our roundup of all the fun stationery everyone must have.

If you’re looking for office stationery with a bit of personality then may we suggest our Bianca Hippo Memo Holder. This helpful Hippo will gladly hold on to any important notes you jot down in her mouth. Ready for you to read later on, or as a cheeky reminder to a colleague to pick up milk, or to get those reports to you asap!

If you need cool stationery gifts for a work colleague or friend then our Ginger Cat Screen Hook makes a fun present. It sticks to screens, desks or shelves and will help them keep track of their keys, glasses or anything else that keeps ‘wandering off’.

If you’re one of those people that just loves the smell of fresh notebooks, then we’ve got the ultimate notebook to add to your collection. Our Waterproof Notebook is 100% waterproof and can be used in the bath for any moment of spontaneous creativity, or by the pool for some holiday note taking. Or just out in the rain, if you’re unlucky enough to work outside during British summertime.

Maybe you just need some quirky stationery bits to brighten up your office at work? Then may we recommend our City Notes; our ultra chic post it notes in the shape of your favourite city. London, Paris, or New York, you’ll be leaving the most stylish of post-its all over the office. And if you need something to keep your desk tidy, then how about our fun Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy? A pen holder shaped like a Wheelie Bin with a wipe clean surface you can doodle or jot notes on!