Fun Stationery Gift Ideas to Get The Kids Excited for Back to School

Fun Stationery Gift Ideas to Get The Kids Excited for Back to School

If you’re currently dealing with a troupe of excitable children running amok in the house you’ll no doubt be planning their return to school with a heavy, yet relieved heart. It won’t be long before the kids are getting suited and booted in uniforms they’ll outgrow in a year and packing their pencil cases ready to go forth and cram their brains with useless facts they’ll never use again. And because it can be a little overwhelming knowing what’s going to make your kid fit in on their first day back we’ve compiled a list of fun stationery gift ideas to match their personality type.

Fun Stationery for the Messy Pup

If your child can create havoc in an empty room, keeps the washing machine on an endless cycle and you’ve started making only mash for dinner for fear of spillages, then consider the Waterproof Notebook. This water repellent notepad is a god send for parents of clumsy kids – they can spill drinks on it, drop it in puddles and put it through as many washes as they want, it’ll still survive. Whilst they’re at their desk, give them a little nudge to tidy their belongings in the form of the DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy – a stationery supply that not only encourages them to be clean, but doubles up as a memo board. They’ll never have to draw on their sleeves again!

Quirky Stationery for the Struggling Poet

If your kids are more likely to be staring out of the window contemplating the meaning of life than running around a field playing tag, then perhaps they’re destined to put pen to paper and record their struggles in poetry and prose. Let them dream wistfully of faraway places and panoramic skylines while they measure in maths class with the Skyline Ruler. Once inspired, they can record their musings and monologues in one of our Decomposition Notebooks. They come in a range of colours and sizes, plus they’re super environmentally friendly – something all struggling poets strive to be…

Playful Stationery for the Class Clown

We all knew the class clown at school – always cracking wise or getting in trouble. It was great when you were young, but it’s a whole different story when you’re the only parent in the car park waiting for your kid to finish detention. Try distracting them from their comical pursuits with Rainbow Sticky Notes – a colourful stationery set that allows them to write down that joke for a more appropriate time than science class. Now when it comes to stationery brands, OMY are up there with the best. Their Washable Felt Tip Pens are designed to make any parent’s life easier; they easily wash off skin and fabrics, so you never have to worry about sending them to school with a pocketful of pens again! Plus the teacher won’t get as annoyed when they drawn cartoons on the windows…

Cool Stationery for the Sports Fan

Bicycle Bible is a super cool stationery gift idea for any young sports fan – not only can you use it to take notes in class, but it also gives you cool stationery facts about bikes, cycle routes and bicycle maintenance! Plus it’s made from recycled tyres so it’s definitely hardy enough to survive the gym bag experience – not an easy feat. If they’re more into the great outdoors, why not give them Woods Notelets – cards that stick out of your keyboard and instantly transform desks into golf courses, camping grounds or cross country routes – all while reminding them of the rules of trigonometry/not to chew with their mouth open…