Fun stationery Must Haves, from memo holders to novelty post it notes

Fun stationery Must Haves, from memo holders to novelty post it notes

Hold onto memories, remind yourself of that all important appointment and remember that life is for fun, life is to enjoy even when your up against it, so let your memo board brighten up your day, with must do, and must remember to get it done, but also to enjoy nice things. You deserve nice things even when busy. Pick up that vibe and enjoy your memo board with happy notes and smiles and of course that job yes, whilst still doing what you need to do.

Memo Mountain

Record and remind yourself with this mountain range image cutout in cork with adhesive backing for an artistic looking wall piece to attach notes and pictures with the cute tree shaped pins. Can be mounted on windows, walls, doors or mirrors, so wherever you spend the most time, is where to stick it under your nose, either way, you will be organised and branching out in no time.

Morris Memo Holder

Morris may look like a minor instrument in your day but when you can take a note from the stores on his back and leave a note for colleagues or family members, in his mouth that everyone knows to pick up, then we have a well trained dog, and a system that works. Morris can be black white or red, he doesn’t care, he just passes on the message .

City Notes
The city note post it’s are inspiring and fun. 75 pages of London, New York or Paris conjuring up the excitement of must do city life. Brighten up your office and leave a lively note from city meeting to city gossip, office is the place where action takes place with notes any time, any place, anywhere, with perhaps a few phone calls . The sky’s the limit with these colorful skyline imaged note makers.