Gadgets for guys, perfect for any occasion

Gadgets for guys, perfect for any occasion

Remember your first car? We do. Despite the fact that they are often never worth the money you pay for them, filthy inside within minutes, and highly possibly two different cars welded together; the single best thing about passing your test, is finally having a car to call your own.

If you’re looking to buy a gift or gadget for someone who recently passed their test, we’ve got plenty for you, whether their car is shiny brand new, or a rust riddled dust bucket on wheels.

Safety should come first, no matter your ride, and whilst you’d like to hope your new driver isn’t especially accident prone, these things do happen. The First Aid pouch actually comes in a pack of two; smaller for the glove box, and a larger one ideal for sticking in the boot. With plenty of room for plasters, bandages, and sun cream, there’s no need for any of those road trips they’ve been planning for the last years worth of lessons to go array.

As important as it is to be safe on a road trip, we think you’ll find the next most important thing is the picnic you bring. Some would say more important, but we’d never suggest you prioritise the vehicle snacks over safety…

The Luckies Brown Paper Lunch Bag means you can bring whatever you want along for the ride, and it’ll stay as hot or cold as it was when you put it in the bag. Road colas, chocolate bars, maybe a yoghurt for the more sensible amongst you. Pop it in the bag and stick the top closed with the built in magnet. So much cooler than the flowery cooler bag your Ma got free at Tesco and gave to you.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have your car look like something from Fast and Furious, or it’s the aforementioned tin can with a petrol tank, a few gadgets will definitely give it the edge. We’re living in the future, even if their car isn’t. There are no longer any excuses for those smelly tree air fresheners.