Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

Here’s some super cool gift Ideas for Fathers Day for the man that likes to get involved. Family time is important and children really do love buying gifts. Just make sure it isn’t really a gift for them, though don’t suppose he would mind, he is that type of guy !

Scratch Map Travel
Is your Dad an adventurous type? always searching for scrap to build things, and has he owned a metal detector hunting for hidden treasure, he disappears along the beach or across fields in a world of his own. Perhaps he built tree houses for you as kids. Then you have an explorer or pirate on your hands and the best gift idea would be the Scratch Map Travel, a cute mini version of the original map of the world. He will be delighted to receive the authentic looking scroll to captivate his childhood dreams, exploring the world looking for hidden treasure. The grid map will allow him to plan out and pen in his intended route to a country and then scratch off the foil to reveal his personalised travel recorded in colour to keep track of where he has been. He will be impressed with the quality laminate map that can be transported in the strong nautical theme tube to fit in his rucksack and roll out whenever he needs it. He feels like a real adventurer now.

Yolkfish Separater
He is an easy going Father who likes to experiment in the Kitchen with the children but can get in a grump if he hasn’t got the right gadget for the job.You wouldn’t be able to cut bread with a blunt knife and to do the job properly we need the tools. All kids love making and eating meringues having fun with peak shapes and baskets. The skill is to separate the yolks to have a perfect white sheen so make your father happy in the kitchen and enjoy some sweet treats with the silicone fish shaped yolk separater. A fun gift idea for Dads to show off in the kitchen. Just squeeze it’s belly and gently pop it’s mouth over the yolk of the cracked open egg and let go of the belly to suck the yolk in through the mouth then release.

Matchstick Pencils
Great gift Ideas for Fathers Day on a budget. These are just the job for a Dad that is a D I Y fanatic, stick round your ear and easy to find with the tip bright red eraser on the end, disguised oversized matchsticks for fun pencils that make a job easy when you know where you put that pencil. The retro styled box carries a set of 10 pencils, and don’t worry if you make a mistake on that crossword, now where did I put that eraser ? whoops stop looking it’s here, right on the end of my pencil. The cute little pencils are great to pack and take away as you never know when you need to make notes and they won’t get lost in a draw or pencil case because they have their very own box. Keep up the good work Dad and thanks for putting that shelf up !


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