Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

I know it’s naughty to label people but let’s have fun at least. It’s hard work finding ideal thoughtful gifts for men who have everything. The more we fish, the less they take the bait.

If the man you are buying for was a character from the Mr Men series, what would he be ? He can be any name you want but we will start with the famous Mr Grumpy.

The Luma light for Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy always moaning with a chewing a wasp expression, and you are out in a restaurant when he thunders out them words “HOW MUCH?” and you feel like saying “lighten up”. Bring a smile to his face with the Luma light. Come’s with a choice of red or grey clip to attach to the phone to save annoyance, softens the mood to avoid the bumping toes moaning and he doesn’t need to worry about the price of batteries as it works off the phones flash.

The Hello scratch map of the world for Mr Sociable
Mr Sociable is always pleasing others being attentive and always willing to talk and engage in activities with others. A perfect gift then to share his friendliness with the rest of the World would be the HELLO Scratch Map with 190 hellos to learn in languages from around the globe. A quality World Map poster with coloured covered foil to reveal his personalised travel. He will love talking about his experiences and showing guests his World Map Poster upon his wall with talks of his next venture.

Sports Huevos for Mr Ball Mark
Mr Ball Mark is sporty and he deserves a break from the long hours worked. He can let off steam and enjoy some competition between friends because it motivates him and recharges his batteries. Show you agree and care that he needs his hobbies, with the Sports Huevos. It’s an ACE gift for the ALL SQUARE man who likes to hit the DANCE FLOOR with a DOUBLE BOGEY on his sleeve, twisting left and then right for a DUCK HOOK before the EAGLE has landed !!! Great fun this plastic mould will turn his much needed protein egg into a decorative sports ball. Once boiled, peel off the shell, pop into mould and wait for a few minutes and we have the sports ball egg for Mr Ball Mark.