Gift Lab’s Guide to making the perfect Afternoon Tea 

Gift Lab’s Guide to making the perfect Afternoon Tea 

With preparations proudly underway to celebrate Her Royal Highness’s 90th birthday, it is only too fitting to offer a Luckies Guide to making the perfect afternoon tea so you can celebrate with your friends and totally out-posh Elizabeth. Sure you may have to excuse K-Mids and Wills for not being able to attend on this occasion, but with our royal advice you’ll become a dinky cake creating expert who brews a corking cuppa. So, as was once said by Queen Marie Antoinette a very long time ago – let them eat cake!

The forefront for the perfect afternoon tea is, without a hesitation, the tea! Just like you wouldn’t dream of having only one variety of tea on offer, like bog-standard English Breakfast, you wouldn’t dream of having just one way of serving it…would you?! With Umbrella tea infuser you’ll have happy faces all round by offering a variety of loose tea (we’re talking Lapsang Souchong, Ceylon, Assam, Lady Grey and Darjeeling), served in the cutest of ways. So whether it’s a builders brew with three sugars, or a decaf on its own (because you’re sweet enough, wink wink), enjoy this quirky tea infuser that lets the leaves beautifully brew away creating the perfect Rosie-Lee. Oh, and don’t forget to remind your guests of the royal etiquette of sticking out their pinky finger when they sip!

Next up on the Luckies Guide to making the perfect afternoon tea is the grub. Though we expect your guests to be complete ladies and gentlemen who do not shovel food into their mouths like hungry children, it’s still a good idea to provide a tower of food, preferably served on a tiered tea stand to keep with custom, of course. With Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter, a cute cookie cutter shaped like a tea cup, you can choose to stick to afternoon tea tradition by serving scrummy scones and clotted cream or get busy by baking bite size biscuits. And why not make life even sweeter with Message Rolling Pin, one of our many cool gift ideas and afternoon tea essentials ideal when adding that personal touch. Ever wanted to tell your crush how you feel about them? Well with this message covered rolling pin you can by inviting them to afternoon tea and creating biscuits with ‘Bite me’ on! We’re pretty sure Charles will be getting Camilla this on her next birthday.

And finally, when it comes to savoury finger food, no afternoon tea would be complete without the ultimate miniature cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. With this being a Luckies Guide it means that these are no ordinary cucumber sandwiches, but sandwiches with a cucumber twist. Literally. With Cucumbo, the spiral slicer for cucumbers you’ll have the perfect afternoon tea and finger food fit for a Queen. Just trim off those pesky crusts, slice the cucumber into spirals and serve just as guests arrive to avoid any soggy sarnies.

Now you can relax because that’s cuppas, cake and cucumbers all created with our amazing cool gift ideas for the perfect afternoon tea. Well done, you’ve done your country proud.