Gift Lab’s Guide to planning the perfect Summer BBQ

Gift Lab’s Guide to planning the perfect Summer BBQ

Here at GiftLab we believe that the great British summertime is nothing without the perfect summer BBQ. Before you know it, the spring blossom is blown away, it’s stopped raining for more than 15 minutes and summer is on your doorstep. With our guide to planning the perfect summer BBQ you’ll be in your Ray-Bans dusting off that barbie that’s been rusting at the bottom of your garden for most of the year. Trust us, this year’s gonna be a scorcher. 

The best thing about summertime barbecues is that they are an excuse to create a mini festival in your back garden…just without the feared festival porter loos! With Pocket Tin Speaker, a nifty rechargeable speaker with up to 12 hours playback, you can create your own Main Stage arena as you turn it all the way up with some hot weather hits. Whether you want to chill in the acoustic tent with Bob Marley’s soulful summer vibes or get all emosh late into the evening with some classic Coldplay (lighters in the air, kinda vibe), connect up to Spotify or your own playlist and become the official barbecue DJ.

If you’re going for a family friendly barbie or simply enjoy all things silly, then ditch the bog-standard paper cups for our fun-filled Party Cups. Each Party Cups pack contains 12 paper cups in different colours, different faces and different expressions. With so many variations it means you can create up to 48 unique cup designs by twisting the faces round until you get the expression you want. Start the night holding a cheeky clown and end it with him looking slightly worse for wear as the Pimms keeps pouring. You can also keep to the no-things-boring rule with Party Straws, mix and match these hilarious party straws with 48 pop-out card mouths that you can attach to your straw. From a ‘toothless grin’ expression to a ‘pucker up’ pair of lips, these witty expressions keep the bantz a plenty and help identify everyone’s drink…“I asked for DIET coke!”

With cups, straws and songs covered it’s time to whip out the steaks and light that bad boy barbecue up. With this being a Luckies Guide to the perfect summer BBQ, to guarantee the most luscious steaks be sure to marinade them before putting on the heat. Mix up a splash of olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and cover the steaks (or aubergine for veggies!) before leaving them for 2 hours in the fridge to soak up the flavours. Once barbecue ready, chuck them on the coals and brand with Barbeque Stamp, a unique and fun branding iron that can personalise your steaks by labelling them ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Nearly Burnt’ or ‘Little Bit of Blood’ (very manly).

And finally, whatever the style of BBQ, us Brits do love a bit of booze in the sun. Keep the many many many mojitos coming with Juice Bruce Squeezer, a handy wooden citrus squeezer, called Bruce, of course, that makes juicing those many limes for the mojitos all the more enjoyable…