Gifted Gift Bows – Give any gift a facelift

Gifted Gift Bows – Give any gift a facelift

These days most of us are pushed for time and struggle to make gifts look presentable in a hurry. With the rise in popularity of Internet shopping, it makes sense to have quick solutions to jazz up any last minute gifts we might need to give. Having something quick and easy that doesn’t require sellotape, glue or scissors but makes any item look exciting sounds like a great idea right?!

Presenting Gifted Gift Bows from Monkey Business, a very modern, cool but also gorgeous way of adding a special touch to your gift and dressing it up to look as appealing on the outside as it does on the inside. These eye catching red silicone bands have a little bow detail, and can stretch around anything from a box of chocolates or bottle of wine, to a Scratch Map tube or Travelogue Travel Journal.

These reusable Gift Bows come in two different sizes and will look beautiful on any gift whether over the top of wrapping paper or on their own. They come in a box of ten, with five 8cm bows and five 5cm bands. They and are made out of silicone, and can stretch up to three times their resting size. Available in vibrant red, they can also be worn as a bracelet after being used as a bow, making it a gift within the gift wrap!

A very modern twist on the traditional gift bow, bringing your gift wrapping flourishes bang up to date, Gifted gift bows are sure to impress your family and friends and make any gift look great.

Keep them in your desk drawer at work in case of last minute gifts that always crop up, or tuck them in the craft drawer at home for present emergencies. Run out of sellotape? Use a Gifted Bow to hold the paper together.