GiftLab’s Gift Guide to buying for the jet set adventurer!

GiftLab’s Gift Guide to buying for the jet set adventurer!

Travel junkies are usually quite difficult to buy gifts for. As seasoned globetrotters, they already own all the latest travel gadgets, books and equipment. However, at Luckies of London, we specialise in fun, quirky travel gifts. So we’ve come up with a gift guide full of ideas that we love, and we think you will will too. If not, then we’ll eat our hat (or sombrero, fez or beret).

All travellers love to stay organised.

We know how hard it is to stay organised when you are flying from one country to another. That’s why we have developed a variety of light hearted products that help you keep on top of things. Take for example the nifty Travelogue. This handy notebook is ideal for jotting down information whilst you’re away, or for planning a trip whilst you’re still at home. Maybe you’ve heard about a great restaurant, or been told about a secret beach that you need to scribble down directions to? Who knows? All we know is that the Luckies Travelogue is the perfect companion to take on trips, and it even comes with miniature Scratch Maps to take on the road with you! Bonus!

Help make sure that important things are kept safe.

Store the Travelogue, and all other important travel documents, such as passports and flight tickets, in the nifty Airmail travel document wallet. Airmail is not only super cute and stylish but also durable and waterproof, meaning important items can be stored inside – whether you are trekking through a forest or strolling down the beach, your passport, tickets and foreign currency will be safe and protected.

If your loved one travels as much as we do, then chances are, they have experienced the dull wait at the luggage carousel. Is that my bag? Perhaps that one? Surely, it’s this one? We’re getting hot under the collar just thinking about it! Well, make sure this never happens again, by giving them an Alife Luggage Tag. These helpful tags come in an array of super bright pop colours, which means you can spot them a mile off, no stress.

Gifts for those who day-dream about past trips or want to plan future adventures.

Every traveller should own a Scratch Map®. Whether it’s the gloss white Original or matt black Deluxe, Scratch Maps are interactive and look great when put on display (we know travellers like to brag about where they have been!). When you have visited a country, simply scratch off that area of the map to reveal a burst of eye-catching colour. This creates a unique map that easily lets you keep track of all the places you have been. The more places you visit, the more colour appears on the map. Easy peasy. Better yet, no two maps will ever be the same, making Scratch Maps a great gift to personalise.

Whether you need to buy gifts that will be used whilst traveling, or a special something that will inspire more trips, we’ve got a great range of unique gifts to wow even the most hard to impress adventurer!