GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas for your Boss

GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas for your Boss

In our previous blog post titled ‘A Luckies Gift Guide to Unique Christmas Gifts for Men’, we reminisced about the time we turned up to the office Christmas party with boxers as a gift for our boss. What we forgot to mention is that after one too many alcoholic eggnogs, we decided to ride the giant reindeer light installation and no longer work there. You can draw your own conclusions from that but in the meantime, have a read of number three on our list of gift ideas for the trickier people to buy for…

  1. Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boss
    ‘Appropriate’ gift ideas for your boss are…challenging. Like a cruel version of ‘Would you rather?’, year in year out employees are faced with the age old dilemma of ‘I’m not trying to get a promotion!’ vs ‘I bought this at a petrol station.’ We believe you shouldn’t have to pick between the two, enter the happy medium.

Scratch Map® Deluxe

Give it to your boss and suggest he/she put it up in the office, that way everyone at work can scratch off where they’ve been. Bosses love a group activity and it’s a great way of bringing everyone in the office closer together.

Boss not a fan of annual leave? No problem. Why not go for:

No Sew Buttons

Because everyone’s buttons pop off. Particularly during the festive season when it suddenly becomes okay to start the day with a chocolate out of your advent calendar. Hey, we’re not complaining and No Sew Buttons are definitely what you might call an enabler…Looks like you’re getting that promotion after all. Once word of advice? Just don’t ride the reindeer at the office Christmas party.