GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas for your Mother-in-Law

GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas for your Mother-in-Law

Any one else filled with tiny a sense of dread at the thought of gift ideas for their mother-in-law? The macaroons that were mistaken for bath soaps last Christmas still sting. With no further explanation needed, the next installment of our Christmas Gift Guide is for all the mother-in-laws out there…

  1. Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Mother-in-Law
    Thinking of great gift ideas for your mother-in-law doesn’t come easy and quite ironically, present buying skills have never been more important. The stakes are high. Get it wrong and suffer the wrath of the monster-in-law – otherwise known as a lifetime of bad seating arrangements at family gatherings. Remember Uncle Bert? The one who plays with his false teeth at the table…Get it right and you’ll be on her good side for life. We’re going to help you get it right.

La Bella Garden Name Tags

If she’s a keen gardener, why not surprise her with these stylish garden name tags? Discreet yet thoughtful, you can wipe the sweat off your upper lip now. For an alternative green fingers gift idea, why not give her rosemary plant and include a little message on the garden name tag? It’s perfect for stuffing the Christmas Turkey and it might even get you out of doing the washing up! Top points for creativity.

Decomposition Notebook

Made in Brooklyn by Michael Rogers, these pretty little notebooks are made of 100% post-consumer-waste recycled lined pages. Perfect for writing a diary, shopping lists or just pure and simple doodling, the Decomposition Notebook is a stylish addition to any one’s stationary set. Not only will she know you have good taste, you’ll get extra points for being environmentally friendly too.