GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Christmas Stocking Fillers – Part 1

GiftLab’s Gift Guide to Christmas Stocking Fillers – Part 1

Remember when you were kid and stocking fillers were the most exciting thing about Christmas? No, me neither. It’s fair to say that Christmas stocking fillers seem to be where Santa Claus/most people run out of creative present genius and are we are often left with small favours that are – how can we say this politely – less than desirable? To stop you going wrong this year we asked everyone in the office to tell us the worst Christmas stocking filler they’ve ever received. Cover your eyes Rudolph, the results are below…and before you ask, yes Auntie Suze, number three was you.

Advisory note: If you were planning on buying any of the below to stuff your loved ones Christmas stockings with, please stop. Right now.

  1. ‘Best of British Roundabouts’ calendar
  2. SOCKS
  3. Star sign flannel. Yes, a flannel with your star sign monogrammed on it.
  4. AA batteries
  5. A satsuma. It wasn’t funny the first time. It still isn’t.

If you aren’t shuddering at the above, you’re a better person (or have worst taste) than us. But if you are, you’re in the right place! Listed below are the 5 Christmas stocking fillers to bring festive joy to one and all. In no particular order;

  1. Nutwork
    Taking the hassle out of roasting chestnuts on an open fire (we’re yet to find a nut than can beat this nutcracker), Nutwork is the perfect Christmas stocking filler for any one nutty about nuts. Couldn’t resist #sorrynotsorry.
  2. Oil & Co
    Ahh the unisex Christmas stocking filler. Who knew that even existed?! But it does, in the shape of Oil & Co. The perfect stocking filler for that annoyingly cool friend who has that annoyingly trendy industrial style kitchen. Yes, that one. Available in either a bronze or silver colour, Oil & Co is the ideal gift for anyone that enjoys olive oil. So everyone really.
  3. Scratch Globe
    Know someone whose planning to travel the world in 2016? Scratch Globe will allow them to scratch off each place they visit. Flat packed, it will fit in to a stocking and once assembled, we’re not gonna lie, it looks pretty cool too. Why not suggest they use it as ‘the statement piece’ on their dressing/coffee table at home…? Quick, Pinterest that before we do!
  4. Love Note
    Grab the mistletoe for this one! Love Note allows you to create your own personalised message for a loved one and stick it in this cute little bottle. A welcome alternative to chocolate and flowers, Love Note is a great stocking filler for anyone who wants to show their romantic side this Christmas.
  5. Hug Doug
    The cutest Santa’s little helper around, Hug Doug will keep your spoon in place when you’re having a well deserved break from stirring the gravy. He could even make a cameo as a decoration for your Christmas tree because the robin decoration you made when you were five is looking a little knackered. Just saying.